Ceretta’s House


Electronic Music from Calima Shatiday (featuring the tracks Melancholy Holiday and Jay)

Calima Shatiday’s instrumental electronic music title track Ceretta’s House (available on iTunes) is perfect for a road trip. A listener will wonder where Ceretta’s House exists. The track makes one imagine driving through the mountains of Montana or the Arizona desert, bouncing one’s head up and down with the track set to repeat.

All the tracks in this compilation show a chill out but individual flavor. Dubuque is nu jazz but seductive with a relaxing tempo while In the Mist is ambient and mesmerizing, and Love feels like a warm, needed hug. Musical treats are captured throughout on Ceretta’s House.
Release date
March 1, 2010

cover artwork
Taliferro Music

Mixed by Calima Shatiday, 2010, using Logic Studio 9.1.8 (Native Instruments: Absynth, FM8, Massive, Pro-53, Kontakt 3, East West Symphonic Orchestra Gold and QL Goliath)

Mastered by Calima Shatiday. 2010, using Logic Studio 9.1.8

Produced by Taliferro Music http://music.taliferro.com

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The Cinematic Orchestra, Milosh, Trentemøller, Afterlife and DZihan & Kamien

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calima.shatiday @ taliferro.com