Calima Shatiday is becoming a prominent name in the world of chill out and electronic music. While he is known to produce electronic downtempo, his style occasionally exhibits the influence of other genres such as lounge, r&bjazz and fusion.

Conversations (on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon) is Calima Shatiday’s 9th album. This compilation advances a groovy yet nu-jazz reflective of ambient downtempo sounds with an implicit lounge foundation. Consistent with previous albums, Conversations submits smooth layered melodies which provide just the right amount of ambience to set a chill disposition.

The album features 14 affable tracks for chill out relaxation. While Anytime, Butter Beans and C I O have a laid back tempo, Downtown Brown is the one to watch for with its catchy jazz bass groove. Escape is true to its title providing the ambience to jettison the mind to far away places, literally allowing escape from the mundane.

How about a middle eastern touch? The first place that comes to mind while listening to “Hilarious” is India. From the beat to the overall melody, every note expresses a middle east influence. Its counterpart Roots, is an obvious middle eastern straight in your ear hole track. Intense vocals and string instruments accentuate its ethnicity.

Looking for a beat up-lifter, Queeny would be an appropriate choice. The Best Chinese Food is another groove setter, with an intricate bass line and asian sounds, this track can chill out even the most extreme non listener. Unlimited and Were We Really There supply the appropriate background music for chilling out with the friends.

A sensuous track with whispered vocals and moving melodic grooves, When I’m In the Mood definitely touches the right spots.

Xcellent Gently is a definite party groove with alternating fast rhythms and laid back overlay tones. Zealous, the last track on the album, is an uplifting ambient track with multiple overlays and accentuations.

All songs justify the album name Conversations. Groove setting ambient melodies reflecting actual conversations with others (if not with self). This album is for the fusion and electronic music lover.
Release date
October 4, 2012

cover artwork
Taliferro Music

Mixed by Calima Shatiday, 2012, using Logic Studio 9.1.8 (Native Instruments: Absynth, FM8, Massive, Pro-53, Kontakt 4, East West Symphonic Orchestra Gold and QL Goliath)

Mastered by Calima Shatiday. 2012, using Logic Studio 9.1.8

Produced by Taliferro Music

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Electronic Music

A blend of lounge and ambient downtempo music. Instrumental nu jazz.


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