Small Hiding To Disappear

The literal interpretation from Italian, “Small Hiding to Disappear” means “a small place where one can disappear,” which is the overall concept and essence of the 2006 re-release to enjoy again.

Re-release from Terzasfera!

From the funky house of “Loneliness is My Reason” to the ambient “Today (Pure Morning Mix),” to the drum & bass of “Electrified,” and journeying beyond the pop reggae of “Try to Believe,” “Small Hiding to Disappear” isn’t so much an album as a celebration set to music.

The album notes and celebrates the importance of building our own physical and mental space. A space where we can take shelter to nurture our creativity—vital to a happy life. “Small Hiding to Disappear” is a mini-series of thematic, epic tracks for positive living!

Composed of eight tracks that draw inspiration from the compositions of drum, bass, and dance music, while maintaining some peculiar characteristics of pop songs, Terzasfera’s tunes are certainly a whimsical experience.

Perhaps less “synthetic” and “suggestive” than in the past, their sound is closer to the “dance” side of electronic music rather than the introverted, and reflexive style of trip-hop they produced in the past.

This album is a culmination of Terzasferan culture. A musical culture reflecting many days and nights spent in the studio, candid conversations, sincere smiles, uncertainties, and hope. A passion for their musical message sustained by pizza, kebabs, and beer enjoyed between mixing and editing, helped fuel another turning point in the life of Terzasfera.


Release Date

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Taliferro Music

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– Elena “Joy” Castagnoli : vox, words, concept
– Ale “Mana” Manassero : programs, synth, keyboards, words, concept
– Paolo “Warrell” Varello : bass, keyboards, sound engineer, arrangements
– Ivan “Shon” Augello : visuals in live performances

Mixed by Ale “Mana” Manassero and Paul “Warrell” Varello at Wamajo studio (Pancalieri (To) – Italy)

Mastered by Ale “Mana” Manassero and Paul “Warrell” Varello at Wamajo studio (Pancalieri (To) – Italy)

Produced by Terzasfera
Distributed by Taliferro Music

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