‘Friday’ by Ty Showers

Sing along and celebrate the best day of the week with Ty Showers’ brand spankin’ new track, ‘Friday’! A rhythmic, soul-funk fusion of sorts, this track surely has something in it for every working stiff that has been waiting all week to just…cut loose.

Told from the voice of a man who is both excited and saddened by the notion of Friday nights and what they represent, there is an interesting dichotomy to this track that is nothing less than intriguing. One the one hand, the lyrics continuously chant and celebrate the many reasons why Fridays are so great (i.e. having time to have a few drinks, listen to music, and pick up sexy women). On the other hand, the lyrics also point to a downside of Fridays (or just weekends in general), the fact that he is single and has no wife/ family to share such an awesome time with. However the track is not at all bleek and nevertheless, the singer concludes that he will definitely enjoy the ‘hunt’ in the meantime…

Simply put, this song is a slice of amusement. Short and sweet, it’s the perfect ode to those times in life in which you are highly excited just to have time to relax, unwind, and meet new people. However, not at all for the prudish, play this song if and only if you are in fact, ‘trying to get some’… #TGIF!

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‘Vikki (Do You Hear Me)’ by Ty Showers

Do you ever need a smooth, mellow, romantic song to help put you in the mood? Look no further! Sing of love and lust with Ty Showers’, ‘Vikki (Do You Hear Me). A beautifully written/ performed track, this song brings us more of the Ty Showers that we have come to know and love. An r&b love song, Ty Showers is on a mission to prove that r&b love music is still relevant today.

A clean, crisp intro, the track begins as though we are being gently called to attention. A bell-filled delight, this track seems to charm the softer side of all who listen to it. The track then takes off when Showers chimes in vocally with lyrics that prove that deep, profound odes to women are not dead. Melodic from beginning to end, the marriage between Showers’ vocals and his instrumentation are air tight in this piece. Culminating in the horn section, this song plays like a grand ‘ole dream…

Lyrically a bit racy, this track is certainly not suitable for children…but it may help assist in their creation. Play this with care and make very certain the sound is contained! A proverbial Love Potion No. 9, Taliferro Music will not be held liable for any actions and subsequent consequences brought on by this song. That being said, enjoy like you’ve never enjoyed before!

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‘Take This Crack Head’ by Ty Showers ft. Kathleen D. Shaw

Try something different today and listen to ‘Take This Crack Head’ by Ty Showers featuring Kathleen D. Shaw…it’s bound to be one of the more interesting moments of your day! A rare Ty Showers collaboration, this track does an amazing job of marrying spoken-word poetry with awesomely crafted instrumentation.

A candid track that deals with the subject of addiction and its many associated issues, this is the kind of eye-opening track that can take the world by storm. Thought provoking and purposeful, this song effortlessly tackles a taboo topic that most artists tend to stay away from at all costs due to its sheer deplorability. Impressively, the duo managed to make it both complex and catchy making it the perfect track to handle such a delicate subject matter. Reminiscent of the James Brown era (in which issues like this were routinely discussed and written about), this track does an excellent job at giving the listeners something that is both current and timeless.

The track itself is a hit even before the lyrics are heard. A smooth yet funky rhythm and blues groove that seems to have been crafted just for the purpose of inciting thought-provoking poetry and lyrics. Kathleen D. Shaw more than captures the essence of the track, she improves upon it. No, this is not your ordinary r&b song…but that’s why you’re here…No? Take this ‘Take This Crack Head’ track and play it wherever people need to have open dialogue and be entertained at the very same time…

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‘Wow’ by Ty Showers

For a slice of upbeat uniqueness check out ‘Wow’ by Ty Showers! A dubstep, electronic, jazzy fusion of amazing proportions, Ty Showers continues to top himself by consistently bringing us cool and unusual music. Music Lover’s Tip: Play this one on your best headphones or speakers…the drums really do give a good thump!

Lyric-less and rhythmic, this track is all groove. Indeed, this instrumentation is so spot on that it would likely take away from the tracks had lyrics been added in. Despite the lack of lyrics, the track in conjunction with promotional picture seem to tell the story of a man who is simply smitten by the beauty of an unnamed woman…and decided to compose a song to speak to the awe inspired by her elegance.

A soundtrack of sorts, be sure to play this track every time you find yourself in a situation that is indescribably awesome. Whether it’s the beauty of a mysterious woman, the fact that you just got that long shot of a promotion, an amazing meal, a marriage proposal, or just an overall fantastic day…put this track on repeat and let Ty Showers speak for you. Indeed, we all have those moments in life that makes us go…’Wow’!

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‘Escape’ by Ty Showers

Need to getaway?! You’ve come to the right place! ‘Escape’ with Ty Showers’ latest reggae infused creation! Irrefutably ire, this track will leave you feeling like you just left the islands…

A nice chill groove created to incite a moment of zen in the middle of mayhem, it’s almost impossible to lose your cool after finding this tune. Lyrically speaking, this track is created from the voice of a simple man who just needs to unwind and have a good time. Groovy and soul-gyrating, this song will have you practicing your best island-inspired dance moves whilst sipping your favorite chilled cocktail to boot.

Inspired by the old school, reggae grooves he’s been listening to since childhood, ‘Escape’ is meant to be just that…a way to getaway from your mundane life. Creating this track allowed for Showers to breakaway from his normalcy to bring about something new and unusual (at least for him). Now you try! Play this track and be inspired to do any and everything that you’re afraid to do because it veers away from your routine. Go for that job change! Take that vacation! Ask him/her on a date! No shade and no shame; sometimes we all simply need the right motivation…to ‘Escape’!

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‘Short Sighted’ by Ty Showers

For an erotically pleasurable listening experience, try ‘Short Sighted’ by Ty Showers! Hardly one for the teeny-boppers, this track is strictly for the grown and sexy crowd. An epic example of r&b/soul, the unique sound of this track is undeniable.

Fun and flippant, this lyrics are written from the voice of a frisky man who only has one thing on his mind…his woman! Racy and quite raw (pun slightly intended) this track is simply brimming with pure, unbridled passion. Catchy and cohesive, this track seems to just flow from beginning to end and certainly leaves a lasting impression. Brilliantly arranged and composed, this song is a testament to how simplicity in vocals and complexity in instrumentation can beautifully intertwine.

Not unlike some of some of Showers’ more sexually overt songs, this track does a fantastic job of treading the fine line between sensual and downright sexual. Made especially for the adult and the unadulterated, this track is to be played only when one is seeking to set or sustain ‘the mood’. Potent and provocative please always play Ty Showers with caution. Taliferro Music and its affiliates will not be held liable for any intentional or unintentional side effects stemming from the playing of this song…

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