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‘A Day Off’ by Ty Showers

You’ve been working too hard…take a trip with Ty Showers and rejuvenate your mood! A laidback Jazz fusion studded with some intense moments to get your energy going, “A Day Off” is a proverbial holiday in a music track. Refreshingly calming with just a smidge of vitality, this tune is perfect for those moments in which your brain needs a break.

The track begins with an energetic and heavily horn-imbued introduction. Then, it slowly transitions and fades off into some beautifully improvised string work, which culminates in a fusion of the two, before fading away altogether into some impressive bass work. A tune that allows for rest, relaxation, contemplation, as well as a bit of head-bobbing, this track is vital to the overly stressed desk worker who needs to momentarily unwind. Equally important, the stay-at-home mother who desperately needs a moment to herself will appreciate a mood-boosting melody.

Above all, this track was crafted by Ty Showers to help listeners channel and release an array of frustrations. Almost as soothing as it is jovial, “A Day Off” can help you find your calm in the middle of a chaotic day. Life certainly isn’t all sunshine and roses, but take a trip with Showers and see if you start seeing your glass as half full, rather than empty. Music is nothing more than an audio extension of our most intangible emotions. When it comes to crafting and fusing these ethereal elements of our lives, Showers is in a league of his own. Let the music take you and enjoy the journey. We could all use “A Day Off!”

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‘Happy’ by Ty Showers

Move over Pharrell, there’s a new ‘Happy’ in town! After enduring countless hours of the plethora of stresses and anxieties of life, you deserve a smile! Listen to ‘Happy’ by Ty Showers and we’ll make sure you do just that. An uptempo, R&B/soul fusion, here is a track you’ll have trouble putting down…

A funky intro with remarkable drum patterns, this track will have you grinning ear to ear from the moment you hear it. Of course, Showers adds to the cheerfulness of the track by layering on his cool, calmly futuristic-sounding vocals. This makes for an interesting dichotomy on the track as the instruments have a more vintage vibe while the vocals seem to scream, ‘new age’. Culminating at the drum break before mellowing and slowly tapering off, this groove is one seriously unique kind of tune that most can’t help but dance to.

Is life getting you down? Or maybe you never have a bad day…either way, this song is for you! Play it at home, on the way to work, in the office, during your workout, or at your next get together. Are you scared of ‘Happy’?! What have you got to lose? You’re almost guaranteed to increase your level of cheerfulness or double your money back (assuming you’ve downloaded this track for free) …or at least bob your heavy head and smile. Listen to ‘Happy’ and get your happy back! Now on the count of 3…say cheese!

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‘78392’ by Ty Showers

Calling All Single Ladies: For a great time call Ty Showers at “78392” Wait! So, not really…but in this fun Ty Showers instant-classic you can pretend. An R&B/ hip-hop/soul fusion of epic proportions, this tune is the fantasy of a lifetime for Showers’ Lovers. You’re given a free pass to have the singer at your beck and call…fulfilling your every desire.

A fanciful song that’s sure to chase your lonely blues away, “79382” is the type of track that will almost make you forget you’re single…almost. With his usual, unusual drum patterns and great piano work, in tandem with his smooth, flirty vocals, this track is made for sweet daydreams. A perfect mix of funk and soul, with a little something for everyone.

Not exactly a call to action; nevertheless, Showers’ song is sure to incite a good mood and get you scrolling through your contacts for someone to contact in reality. Fun and unforgettable, the track treads the line between classic and modern music. Flirty fun is just a phone call away.

Next time you’re in the mood, dial “78392.”

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‘Get To Know You’ by Ty Showers

Have you ever met someone you were dying to get to know? Reminisce about your experience and sing along with Ty Showers to one of his latest music fusions, “Get To Know You.”

An R&B tune with elements of hip-hop and soul, “Get To Know You” is one of those tracks that virtually defies genre categorization. Rich in texture with some impressive percussion work, as well as electrifying piano playing, this track is definitely one for musical connoisseurs. Comforting yet creative, listen to this tune when you’ve just met a new potential “boo,” and are excited about the many unknowns that come along with a new love interest.

A playful track with some serious elements, which can be succinctly summed up with the following lyrics:


“I think that you’re the one
I want to call hun
Have some fun
Call the night done” ~Ty Showers

In other words, this is a song about a man who sees potential in a person he is laying eyes on for the first time. Not love at first sight per se. However, this track is more about being wrapped up in the possibilities, rather than reality (A person that you don’t yet know). “Get To Know You” is for everyone who believes love can be found everywhere, in an instant. We hope you fall head over heels into this song!

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‘If You Want Me To’ by Ty Showers

Got a need for some neo-soul?! Get your fix with Ty Showers’, “If You Want Me To”. An R&B/soul/love music fusion, this track is a throwback to what real love songs are all about! Experimentally trippy, this song has an undeniable sincere quality.

Beautifully crafted, the track opens with a smooth, mellow intro that slowly flows into an unpredictable, melodic journey of slight familiarity. This tune is the epitome of genuine soul music. That is to say, music that can be felt, but also makes you feel good; love and comfort.

Definitely for the love birds in the world, this tune reaches into the crevices of the depth of love, draws, and releases its essence. This song is for the lovers, lusters, snugglers, and cuddlers. Those who have either finally found love…or refuse to ever stop looking until they do. Regardless of where you fall on the spectrum of love, this track is here to remind you of its possibility.

Around every corner, under every bed, hidden in a song, love lives. You likely know that, but let Ty Showers serve as your everlasting reminder. Well, only if you want him to…

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‘Can I Be With You’ by Ty Showers

Some say love songs are a lost art. Indeed, with the radio waves chock full of overly sexualized, instant gratification driven content, many believe that true love may be a thing of the past. Not so much! Take a trip into the realm of true lovers with Ty Showers’, “Can I Be With You.” R&B, quiet storm, and slowjammy, this track puts a refreshing spin on those allegedly love-ladened genres rumored to be a thing of the past.

Beginning with a jazzy, almost blues infused introduction, Showers quickly ordains the tune with his passionately profound vocal stylings and lyrics. Sweet, sensual, and sexual, this track shows the difference between love and lust without explicitly addressing either concept. Written from the voice of a man who wants to be intimate with the love of his life in every sense of the word, this track playfully and repeatedly spells out the many things that we as humans desire when we are truly in love.

“Squeezing you, Touching you, Holding you, Feeling you, Loving you, Kissing you, Teasing you, Being with you…”  ~Ty Showers

Simplistic lyrics, yet they effortlessly encompass what true love is. Touching, but not just touching, feeling, but not just feeling, this track illustrates the fact that a man in love will be satisfied with merely being in the presence of his object of affection. Sex, of course, being a healthy form of expression between two loving adults, is not to be labeled taboo. Rather, it is to be celebrated. ‘Can I Be With You’ is a track that does just that.

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