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‘Short Sighted’ by Ty Showers

For an erotically pleasurable listening experience, try ‘Short Sighted’ by Ty Showers! Hardly one for the teeny-boppers, this track is strictly for the grown and sexy crowd. An epic example of r&b/soul, the unique sound of this track is undeniable.

Fun and flippant, this lyrics are written from the voice of a frisky man who only has one thing on his mind…his woman! Racy and quite raw (pun slightly intended) this track is simply brimming with pure, unbridled passion. Catchy and cohesive, this track seems to just flow from beginning to end and certainly leaves a lasting impression. Brilliantly arranged and composed, this song is a testament to how simplicity in vocals and complexity in instrumentation can beautifully intertwine.

Not unlike some of some of Showers’ more sexually overt songs, this track does a fantastic job of treading the fine line between sensual and downright sexual. Made especially for the adult and the unadulterated, this track is to be played only when one is seeking to set or sustain ‘the mood’. Potent and provocative please always play Ty Showers with caution. Taliferro Music and its affiliates will not be held liable for any intentional or unintentional side effects stemming from the playing of this song…

Venus L


‘Time To Bust Out The Romance’ by Ty Showers

For a funky good time bust out that Ty Showers and blast one of his latest music fusions, ‘Time To Bust Out The Romance’! A deep house, uptempo dance driven masterpiece, this track sounds amazing blaring out of any speaker.

A fun and funky way to celebrate love, lust, and life this track fully encompasses the carefree spirit associated with the early stages of love and attraction. Simultaneously deep and slightly superficial, this track does an excellent job at displaying the stark contrast of finding the miracle of love whilst going about mundane, daily activities. Furthermore, the vibe of this track also treads the line between throwback and new age making it a candid song that can be enjoyed by almost any age.

This track is for the young and young at heart. For those who remember meeting the love of their life as though it was yesterday (maybe it was) because everyday they fall all over again. For those who know love will never be out of style and are so thrilled they dance about it. Play this when you’re so in love you can’t contain it. Let the love of your life know you’re gonna charm them out of their pants and it’s ‘Time To Bust Out The Romance’!

Venus L

‘My Belief’ by Ty Showers

Need a groove-funk pick-me-up?! Just believe! Indeed, they say real music is dead but Ty Showers will certainly make a believer out of you! A funky fusion of sorts, this is one of those feel-good tracks that the vast majority of the family can groove to.

More of a sing-along song than a serious composition, ‘My Belief’ is a refreshingly fun track that captures your attention from the very beginning. A stark variation from his usual song arrangement style, Showers almost completely forgoes the usual instrument-filled intro instead plunging directly into his chant-like lyrics. A far cry from his more socially conscious music, this tune is solely about letting loose and having fun.

Apparently jovial from the utterance of the first lyric, this ambiance is driven home with the super groovy underlying instrumental. An awesome build-up, the tune starts slow and steadily escalates from there. The track ultimately culminates in Showers crooning a repetitious call to act…specifically for partiers. Rather than segwaying into some super serious message, Showers stays true to the track, inviting listeners to hit the dance floor and partake in the usage of various vices.

Play this track at your next get together and watch the party Gods smile upon you. You’re never too old or successful to let loose…just believe!

Venus L

‘Emotional Tale’ by Ty Showers

Ever feel so hopelessly trapped in your own sappy emotions that you can’t ever foresee a feasible way out?! Listen to ‘Emotional Tale’ by Ty Showers and let you emo flag fly! An epic R&b/ slowjam, story set to an amazing auditory backdrop; a slew of samples and sounds perfectly strewn onto a blank, weightless canvas, this track just flows…

An awesome, almost soul-piercing introduction is what brings this track to life.Filled with interesting drum patterns and equally eclectic harmonies and melodies, this is the type of song you’ll need to hear at least twice..for the first time. A tale about a man and woman who succumb to their lusty desires, this track is certainly not suitable for everyone. Nevertheless, most grown adults can relate to the meaning behind this track. Culminating in the chorus, the harmonious and highly melodic hook just moves us.

Not necessarily a track for the faint at heart, this song is for those who have experienced moments of extreme passions…whether they acted upon them, or not. Not at all a new phenomenon (though certainly more socially acceptable) many amorous relationships have begun (and even ended) based on the subject matter of this track. Listen in love…or lust, whichever you prefer.

Venus L


‘Suck My ____’ by Ty Showers

We all have those moments when we don’t give a F#*^, listen to ‘Suck My ____’ by Ty Showers and make that message loud and clear! Yet another jazz rock fusion, Showers manages to once again break the mold that he continually redefines with each composition.

The track begins with a vibe that is a bit mellow, or even ambient, but quickly veers off in a new, exciting direction. Upbeat and electric rock instrumentation immediately settles in  causing an entirely new feel to emerge; trippy carelessly, or even electronic apathy is the feeling brought on by the majority of this track. Showers wavers abruptly between the mellow and mind-bending melodies in such a way that is nothing, if not incautiously sleek.

Hard to predict, yet easy to follow, this track is perfect for those times when you may not know how to feel. Someone is angry at you, your boss expected more, your friends aren’t being supportive…forget them! Turn on this tune and let the world know you’re gonna be just fine.

Created by an adventurous and rebellious feeling Showers, this track is intended to encourage any and everyone to stay true to the song in their hearts. Your song may not be for everyone, in fact, you song may not appeal to anyone, does this mean you should stop singing? Never! Listen to ‘Suck My ____” by Ty Showers and learn what it sounds like to give something your all, while simultaneously being unaffected by if the world at large enjoys it, or not…

Venus L

Death to Records

Death to Records: Will Physical Distribution Methods Soon be Obsolete?


In an age in which, typically, new technologies are tremendously sought after, what is to be said about the future of music distribution?

On the One Hand…

The Internet music revolution and the creation of MP3’s have made it possible for even the most remote artists in the world to be heard, instantly, and worldwide. This development has allowed the industry to grow leaps and bounds as music can spread more rapidly than ever before. Gone are the days in which you have to wait in line for hours to get an album on its release date, instead, most just roll over, click a button, and throw on their favorite headphones…

On the Other Hand…

The flip side―I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the issue of sound quality. While many do enjoy the crisp quality of MP3’s, many argue that the sound quality of music has gone progressively downhill. Many old and new school DJ’s and music connoisseurs cling to vinyl and have a sincere disdain for what the music industry has become. In fact, some don’t even consider a person a real music lover or DJ if they do not own mostly vinyl records in their collection. Indeed, most of the industry is a far cry from the days of “mixing,” “scratching,” and “digging in the crates.”

Furthermore, the virtual method is thought to many to be too impersonal. Many fans of music still enjoy the act of purchasing a physical copy at a local store, carefully exploring its artwork, dedications, lyrics, and other information, and maintaining it as a keepsake for years to come.

To Answer the Question…

Yes and no. Clearly there will not be a massive exodus from computers back to record players, but, on the other hand, the vinyl lovers will not likely disappear anytime soon, either. More likely than not, their will be more options for people to receive physical copies of music on demand (though perhaps at a steeper rate), but at the same time I believe the tendency for labels to produce these (physical copies) and massively distribute them, will drastically dwindle as well.

The Bottom Line…

This is the typical clash of Titans: vintage verses novelty. Each has value, and neither will ever exist without the other.

Venus L

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