‘Hold Me Now’ by Ty Showers

For a rhythm and blues infused soundtrack for lover’s, listen to ‘Hold Me Now’ by Ty Showers! Highly bluesy and chock full of hip-hop flavor, this track is an urban music-lover’s dream come true.

Imagine a cool, calming love song with just the right amount of hip-hop flair… A song that is just perfect for the young and in love as well as the seasoned and committed. A song that has as much passion as it does punch; one of those tracks you can just listen to on repeat and discover a different part to love each time. You no longer have to imagine…it exists! Indeed, ‘Hold Me Now’ by Ty Showers is one such creation.

Beginning with a lengthy and hypnotic and melodic introduction, the track gains intensity when Showers slowly relishes his smooth vocals. With tight melodies and catchy, meaningful lyrics, this song takes the notion of love songs in 2015 to all new levels. A crowd favorite, this track is fastly becoming a standard for the ingenious musician/vocalist, Ty Showers.

Far from the drab love songs of old, Showers manages to fully embrace the new age sound while simultaneously remaining a stickler to his timeless, core sound. Now is all we have…but sometimes now lasts forever.

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‘Headphone Commute Inspired’ by Ty Showers

For a chill, harmonious ride to work, pop in ‘Headphone Commute Inspired’ by Ty Showers! Originally inspired by a blog he happened across entitled ‘Headphone Commute’, Showers offers his interpretation of piano based music…which is the perfect soundtrack for those lengthy commutes.

Beautifully composed with an almost celestial ambiance, this is the perfect track to ride along and watch beautiful scenery to. Short and lyric-less, this is the perfect tune to listen to when one is seeking to tap into the indescribable elegance of life. Chock full of cool, calming chords and melodies, this track quite simply soothes the soul. Effervescent and exalting, this song seems to float right out of your headphones and into the very essence of who you are. Serene and soothing, simply put, this track is a slice of pious perfection.

Clearly a track that can be enjoyed by virtually anyone, play this on repeat for the long grueling commutes to and from work or school. Sure, life is hard and your days are actually lengthier than your crazy commutes but don’t let that defeat you. Listen to this tune and sing, smile, and sigh knowing that this song was especially crafted and sent out by a thoughtful Showers…just for someone like you!

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‘Siano’ by Ty Showers

A jazz music fusion of epic proportions, ‘Siano’ by Ty Showers borrows sounds and instrumentation from an array of genres and marries them together effortlessly on one unorthodox track. This time birthed from a mixture of new school muses, old school gospel music memories (he literally played the first gospel riff he learned and used it as the basis for this) as well as his love for jazz and hip-hop, ‘Siano’, in its seamless splendor, shows what happens with a little instinct and lots of talent.

Hardly recognizable in terms of one genre or another, ‘Siano’ is a track that seems to demand to be felt rather than merely listened to. Commencing with a grandiose introduction that fluently flows into a rockin’ bass line, this is certainly an upbeat song intended to get your motor running. Loosely inspired by a track by soulful powerhouse Anthony Hamilton, this track is intended to bestow sounds that incite smiles all across the globe.

Use this track as a quick pick-me-up for anyone who may be feeling down and can’t figure out how to get out of it. Or play it when you’re feeling grateful for life in general and need a backing track to enhance your celebration. Indeed, there’s nothing comparable to the relief felt from just sitting around, enjoying life, and playing the ‘Siano’.

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‘Time To Bust Out The Romance’ by Ty Showers

For a funky good time bust out that Ty Showers and blast one of his latest music fusions, ‘Time To Bust Out The Romance’! A deep house, uptempo dance driven masterpiece, this track sounds amazing blaring out of any speaker.

A fun and funky way to celebrate love, lust, and life this track fully encompasses the carefree spirit associated with the early stages of love and attraction. Simultaneously deep and slightly superficial, this track does an excellent job at displaying the stark contrast of finding the miracle of love whilst going about mundane, daily activities. Furthermore, the vibe of this track also treads the line between throwback and new age making it a candid song that can be enjoyed by almost any age.

This track is for the young and young at heart. For those who remember meeting the love of their life as though it was yesterday (maybe it was) because everyday they fall all over again. For those who know love will never be out of style and are so thrilled they dance about it. Play this when you’re so in love you can’t contain it. Let the love of your life know you’re gonna charm them out of their pants and it’s ‘Time To Bust Out The Romance’!

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‘Astronomical’ by Trestal

For a cosmic trip through ambient funk, try Trestal! One of Taliferro’s best kept secrets, Trestal has been creating quite a buzz with his colorful brand of electronic music fusions for the past few years. With a catalog that’s exploding almost as quickly as his fan-base, the ability for this artist to adapt and shift is a large part of his massive appeal.

One of his latest tracks, ‘Astronomical’ is definitely one you won’t soon forget. A spaced-out groove that feels like an audio backdrop to your favorite 80’s movie (the remix), this is one of those tracks that seems to lead you into another world. An epic ambiance is orchestrated from the moment you press play leaving the listener in awe of the many twists and turns this song takes.

This one is for the silent visionaries. For those of us who tend to enjoy the time spent just sitting around, listening, and envisioning the many possibilities of life, this is your song. A track that could easily be played just about anywhere that something legendary might take place, play this when you need to ‘level-up’ in the world. Life is certainly not a game but if it was, this would be the background music. Indeed, discover Trestal. The possibilities are ‘Astronomical’!

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‘Just Dancing’ by Ty Showers

Are you in the mood to have fun and let loose?! Crank up the radio and play ‘Just Dancing’ by Ty Showers! A house/electronic/dance music fusion, this is certainly one for the clubs..or at least your personal version of one…

A step in a different direction for the singer/musician, this highly dance worthy house music fusion is perfect for all people who love to dance. Rhythmic from beginning to end, the extended intro preceding the cool, robotic sounding vocals is what solidifies this track as a certified hit. Dripping in disco, this tune is simultaneously a throwback track and a thing of the future. Furthermore, with a funky midsection and a futuristic sounding outro this track takes an array of unexpected twists and turns that are sure joyously jolt the senses.

Filled with special moments, perhaps the most charming part of this track is the singers’ mention of the ‘magic of the band’. As many already know, and some may just be finding out, Ty Showers is the band! A one man band who plays a plethora of instruments and is skilled in recording as well as musical engineering…So, when the voice of the fictitious band leader speaks about listeners not being able to resist the ‘magic’ of his band, this is merely playful wordplay on behalf of the man behind the music.

Another almost genre-less track with massive appeal. Regardless of age, nationality, or demographic, play this song when you want to dance!

Venus L

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