‘Pool Our Money’ by Ty Showers

Take a rich journey into the world of hip-hop, soul, & r&b with one of Ty Showers’ latest creations, ‘Pool Our Money’! A deep, thought provoking track that you can dance to, this song is certainly for ‘the people’!

A cool, fluid intro that slowly leaks out into an epic hip-hop trifecta of a beat, ‘Pool Our Money’ is clearly a juicy mix of a love of music as well as humanity. Filled with awesome synths, melodies, harmonies, special effects, and stellar background vocals, this song can be appreciated by lovers of virtually any genre. Anchored in by his anti-establishment lyrics, this track is making a splash as a new age anthem for those who wish to orchestrate change via financial avenues.

‘It really hurts my heart
All the businesses you could start
But these are the things you think of when you’re smart’ ~Ty Showers

Music has always been one of the top agents of change. Therefore, share this song as your proverbial leaflet to help bring about the plethora of changes in which the world is pining for.  A song for the forward thinkers and do-gooders of the world alike, play this the next time you wish to orchestrate a conversation brimming with out-of-the-box thoughts. Let’s ‘Pool Our Money’; Ty Showers is the Pied Piper.

Venus L

‘My Belief’ by Ty Showers

Need a groove-funk pick-me-up?! Just believe! Indeed, they say real music is dead but Ty Showers will certainly make a believer out of you! A funky fusion of sorts, this is one of those feel-good tracks that the vast majority of the family can groove to.

More of a sing-along song than a serious composition, ‘My Belief’ is a refreshingly fun track that captures your attention from the very beginning. A stark variation from his usual song arrangement style, Showers almost completely forgoes the usual instrument-filled intro instead plunging directly into his chant-like lyrics. A far cry from his more socially conscious music, this tune is solely about letting loose and having fun.

Apparently jovial from the utterance of the first lyric, this ambiance is driven home with the super groovy underlying instrumental. An awesome build-up, the tune starts slow and steadily escalates from there. The track ultimately culminates in Showers crooning a repetitious call to act…specifically for partiers. Rather than segwaying into some super serious message, Showers stays true to the track, inviting listeners to hit the dance floor and partake in the usage of various vices.

Play this track at your next get together and watch the party Gods smile upon you. You’re never too old or successful to let loose…just believe!

Venus L

‘My Sugar’ by Ty Showers

Sometimes love seems to sing us the sweetest melodies…get a taste of the real thing with ‘My Sugar’ by Ty Showers. A sensual r&b/slow jam, this track is the stuff that creates sweet dreams as well as tasty memories.

Simultaneously about love at first sight and unadulterated lust, this track is one that is rather relatable to most human adults. With smooth, romantic-feeling instrumentation and calming, vocals to match, this track is a proverbial love spell for those who are already feeling spellbound. The tune essentially takes on the tone of a man who is trying to both woo and romance his object of affection. Though he is clearly in the mood to get physical, he also makes it very clear that he has strong feelings for his lady that go far beyond his sexual desires. A bit of a throwback to the love songs of yore, this is song outlines a moment in time in which a man is putting his pride aside in order to offer admiration and some may even say a bit of worship to his lady-love and the power of the female form overall.

Clearly not your average love song, (especially in this day and age) this, and other tracks like this, are the crux of what makes Ty Showers’ tracks so different from most mainstream music. Not only are his instrumentals timeless, but so are the messages of each song. Sing and dance of true love, and let Ty Showers be your guide…how sweet!

Venus L

‘All I Need is You’ by Ty Showers

Laud for life and love with a track made specifically for those filled with fondness for another. ‘All I Need is You’ by Ty Showers is one such track; brimming with the patented r&b fusion-sound Showers is quickly becoming known for. Part r&b, part soul, this song is 100% lovey-dovey goodness.

A funky, festive intro, this tune quickly unfolds into the love ode its title promised it to be. A serenading Showers immediately delves deeply into a love story of epic proportions. The artist renounces his need for most worldly pleasures asserting that the love of his life is all he truly needs to be happy.

‘I don’t need no fancy car
I don’t need to be a star
I don’t want what you bought
I don’t want any THOTS

(All I need Is You).

Clearly contemporary lyrics with a timeless arrangement and sound, this track is for couples of all ages and backgrounds. Not for the faint at heart, this track is for proud lovers. Those who have and will continue to fight for something that we are constantly being told is overrated, or even a thing of the past. This is for those who believe in relationships of longevity in lieu of instant gratification via the ‘hook-up’ culture of present-day society.

Venus L

The Artistry Recipe: On What it Takes to Make a REAL Artist

In light of the Internet-music revolution, many question what being a music artist really means. Going from an age in which the chances of making an honest living as a vocalist or musician were ridiculously slim, to an age in which almost everyone knows someone who is supposedly “the next big thing,” is certainly an understandable concern. So, what does it take to be considered a “legit” artist in this day and age? It may not be what you think. On that note, I present the top 3 signs that you’ve discovered a real artist.

3. Good Tunes - This may seem to go without saying…but you’d be surprised! Artists are works in progress…but if their entire catalog sound like something that belong on a VH1’s “Awesomely Bad…” list, music may not be their calling. Certainly, there is much to be said about humble beginnings…but if an artist’s music has shown zero improvement, spanning decades of practice…perhaps it’s time to endure that painful ending.

2. The Creativity Gene - This is a huge one! Beyond stellar vocals and awesome stage presence…is this person innovative? Does he or she need someone to guide their every musical career move? If so, you are more than likely looking at a poser. Creativity is the very crux of artistry! Not to say that a good artist will never ask for help, quite the contrary. However, all great artists rely on their own intuition more so than input from any source. You often hear mainstream artists explain away their most ingenious hits with phrases such as, “I just felt inspired” and “It just felt right,” this is no coincidence. Great artists have a natural instinct to create, musically. They may collaborate, but their divine spark shines brightest expressing that which comes most naturally, their personal affinity for the creation of music.

1. Passion for Music - The number one reason why music is one of the most sought after career paths is because we all love music on some level. However, there’s a huge difference between someone who joined a band in high school out of boredom, and one who started a band in middle school, then again in high school….and again in college, the latter of which clearly being the one who has a burning desire to create music to be heard.

Furthermore, there is a huge difference between artists who give up because something doesn’t sound right…and those who record the same line 50 times (if deemed necessary) to ensure a track comes out as perfectly as what is heard in their heads. True artists love music and musicians from all genres. They extensively study and know all of their favorites by absolute heart. Passion cannot be faked, excitement and neuroticism are 2 other traits that often accompany passionate artists. Seems cool from the outside, but some of the greats have driven their camps almost insane!

The Bottom Line

Overall, the meaning of being an artist is defined by each artist respectively. In a time in which Youtube views are readily bought and sold by the thousands, the illusion…or even true existence of a so-called “fan base” is not nearly enough. Are they motivated by money or the love of the art? Do they truly love music or just like it a lot?

Answers to such questions reveal the true motives of a musician’s heart.

Venus L

‘Thankful’ by Ty Showers

Revel in the revelation of new love with this track by Ty Showers. A bit of a twist of the odes to long and lost loves, ‘Thankful’ is a tune for those of us who are happy to finally have a new love. A soulful, r&b slowjam, this track is certainly for the grown and sexy crowd.

Mellow and pretty groovy, this is certainly the things that love scenes are made of. A perfect soundtrack for you and that special someone, the lyrics are equally as captivating as the track itself. Culminating in the end of this climactic track, the song tapers off on a high note as Showers croons a repetitive refrain that sums up this track overall…

‘(Thank You )
(I Thank You)
(For kissing Me)

(Thank You)
(I Thank You)
(For loving me)

(Thank You )
(I Thank You)
(For kissing Me)’ Ty Showers

A song that begins with a playfully electronic intro, Showers then begins to sing a song of new love. Realistic to a tee, the scene Showers sets portrays the novelty of new romance and the lust that accompanies it. This tune depicts a very human man freely expressing his gratitude for having finally found someone who he can laugh with, talk to, love, and of course, be intimate with.

This is for the new-school of lovers that are too young to talk forever, but too smitten not to consider it. For those who don’t live for tomorrow as long as they’re happy today…the ones who love love and being loved. Be thankful!

Venus L

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