‘I Don’t Know What Geese Do’ by Ty Showers

Calling all bird watchers and nature lovers alike: this one is for you! Feed the birds or just enjoy the scenery with “I Don’t Know What Geese Do” by Ty Showers as your soundtrack. A mellow, jazzy mix with elements of piano work, this track is the perfect tune to help enhance your serene mood.

The music commences with a cool, almost airy feel, and a celestial vibe. This track is peppered with an array of bells and whistles giving it a highly calming ambiance that captivates listeners from the very first note. Indescribably good, Showers does an excellent job of giving auditory life to the unexplainable happenings of living.

In other words…

If the word “wonder” had a theme song, this would be it! Whether you enjoy zoning out to the sight of people, animals or the endless night sky, “I Don’t Know What Geese Do” is an awesome guide. Not so much a song as indescribable moments manifested in musical form. This tune is perfect for the wide-eyed wanderers of the world who love to spend time witnessing nature in all of its splendor.

Magical yet mundane, simple yet sensational, this track is ideal for those of us with a vision to spot the tiny miracles wrapped in the guise of everyday occurrences.

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‘Jimi’s Blues’ by Ty Showers

Yes, thee Jimi! That’s right, Ty Showers has taken the time to do a musical dedication to the late, great, Jimi Hendrix with his latest smash, ‘Jimi’s Blues’! An ode to his childhood and the good music that helped create the music mogul we have come to know and love, ‘Jimi’s Blues’ is a throwback to the musical stylings of a notorious legend that remains ‘before his time’.

It begins with a lengthy and bone-chilling guitar solo in the style of Mr Hendrix himself. The track continues on into Showers’ vocals which more than compliment the sensationally screeching guitar…it takes it to the next level. A track for all ages, this is one of those feel-good songs that makes you want to share it with everyone you come across.

Fun, funky, and refreshingly flippant, the song is told from the voice of a man who is speaking to his two-timing lover. This one is for the rockers at heart. You don’t necessarily need to have a band or a bike to enjoy one of the greatest genres of music ever created, one must simply listen. Play this when you feel the need to be free. The spirit of Jimi is soaring through this song with fierce speed. Catch ‘Jimi’s Blues’ and don’t forget to share it with a few…

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‘It’s Cool’ by Ty Showers

Do you ever need to just relax and mellow out?! Of course you do! Take a chill pill with one of Ty Showers’ latest jazz fusions, ‘It’s Cool’! Soothing and lyric-free, this is the kind of track you can play virtually anywhere there’s someone who could benefit from some extra relaxation.

Mellow and melodic, this is the stuff relief is made of. A far cry from his love ballads and dance tracks, Ty Showers’ seemingly crafted this tune to be the perfect place to seek refuge when the world is making you hot and bothered. A lovely ethereal ambiance as well as a nice jazzy undertone, this new classic is just dreamy.


An instance of stress relief, it feels like a cold glass of delicious lemonade slowly flowing down your throat on a scorching summer’s day. Play this track when you need to balance out the burning in your life. If you are feeling upset, sad, lonely, depressed, or just a bit under the weather, this track will lift you out of your funk and remind you to stop and taste the iced tea on the road of life. Regardless of the initial source of discomfort this track is sure to provide some relief and maybe even a slight smile…at least for a little while.

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‘Hi’ by Ty Showers

Take a slow, mellow voyage into the world of unconditional adoration with this new Ty Showers classic, ‘Hi’. An amazingly crafted r&b track for anyone who has ever experienced love and/or infatuation on any level, say ‘hello’ to your new favorite love song!

Beautifully written, sang, and arranged, this vintage-esque track puts most new age music to shame. Beginning with his awesome trademarked instrumental introduction this song certainly starts on a high note. Not for nothing, this heavenly, airy feeling track has an accompanying ambiance that seems to mimic the emotions felt when falling in love.

In a world full of phony, instant gratification pursuing fiends this one is for those brave, bold souls unafraid to love out loud in surround sound. If you’re in a relationship play this track and listen in silence as you deepen your connection. On the flip side if you’re just single and wishing play this track to get the push to turn your dreams into a reality.

Love, in this day and age, seems to be largely considered passé by the masses. Play this track daily to help regain your faith in true love. Even if you have just experienced your most painful heartbreak and goodbye always remember that a new love can strike with the widening of an eye and an optimist, sincere, ‘Hi’.

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‘Runnin” by Ty Showers

Need to get away?! Run away with Ty Showers’ latest trippy, funky, r&b fusion, ‘Runnin”!  Far from your conventional r&b tracks this tune is a journey from beginning to end. Indeed, from the up tempo groove of the track, to the exciting narrative that unfolds through the lyrics, this track is bound to capture and keep your scattered focus.

A story told through the lens of a paranoid man who is down on his luck in virtually every aspect of his life and thus feels the need to escape the plethora of mounting pressures, this piece is the perfect song to play when you’re all but wishing your life away. Upbeat and exciting, this track comes across as more of a cinematic thriller set to music than just your average song.

We all have those moments in which life gets overwhelming. Next time never hesitate to click play on this track and get away! Play this track when you are just praying for a new life…or just trying to find a way to wiggle out of your present one. Use this track as an audio reminder that no matter how ostracized you feel, you are never alone. Let this song act as your personal pick-me-up….or your getaway music, whichever you prefer.

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‘Emotional Tale’ by Ty Showers

Ever feel so hopelessly trapped in your own sappy emotions that you can’t ever foresee a feasible way out?! Listen to ‘Emotional Tale’ by Ty Showers and let you emo flag fly! An epic R&b/ slowjam, story set to an amazing auditory backdrop; a slew of samples and sounds perfectly strewn onto a blank, weightless canvas, this track just flows…

An awesome, almost soul-piercing introduction is what brings this track to life.Filled with interesting drum patterns and equally eclectic harmonies and melodies, this is the type of song you’ll need to hear at least twice..for the first time. A tale about a man and woman who succumb to their lusty desires, this track is certainly not suitable for everyone. Nevertheless, most grown adults can relate to the meaning behind this track. Culminating in the chorus, the harmonious and highly melodic hook just moves us.

Not necessarily a track for the faint at heart, this song is for those who have experienced moments of extreme passions…whether they acted upon them, or not. Not at all a new phenomenon (though certainly more socially acceptable) many amorous relationships have begun (and even ended) based on the subject matter of this track. Listen in love…or lust, whichever you prefer.

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