‘My Bass Can’t Find Love’ by Ty Showers

Do instruments have feelings too?! Listen to “My Bass Can’t Find Love” by Ty Showers and hear about how. A funky, bass filled fusion, that stands as the epitome of New Age music.

A song for all ages, this track is the perfect soundtrack for those who enjoy the innate rivalries amongst musicians and melodies. Music composed not only to entertain, but also to encourage introspection, this tune is perfect for those who enjoy a wide variety of live instrumentation. With intriguing melodies, unique drum patterns, as well as interesting combinations of harmonies and instruments, this track is sure to make it to your faves list.

Play this track when you need to jam! Like a group of musical gurus providing an impromptu concert in your living room, this tune shan’t disappoint. Play this when you need a release. Like a bass playing buddy with a knack for blues, this track with move and soothe you. Play this track when you need new music! Like a novelty item from your favorite foreign shop, it’s full of surprises. Indeed, Ty Showers’ bass can’t find love….but you just might, in this track.

Listen and let it soothe the groove in your soul…

Venus L

‘Need A Pick Me Up’ by Ty Showers

Ever had one of those days where you just can’t seem to get it together? The kind of day where no matter how much you try to put a smile on your own face, you end up sulking in some dark room choking back tears? You “Need A Pick Me Up!” Listen to one of Ty Showers’ latest music fusions and improve your mood. A SlowJam/R&B/Neo-Soul infused tune, this track has every element necessary to help you begin to feel better again.

Written through the lens of a man experiencing feelings of sadness and subsequent anger, and feels the only person who understands or provides any relief is the love of his life. “Need A Pick Me Up” is a track upon which most love birds of the universe can relate. A proverbial soul cry to his soul tie, this tune serves as a literal calling out to the person(s) who comfort your spirit without even having to say one word.

To the sad and temporarily depressed…it gets greater later! You don’t necessarily need to have a significant other to commiserate along with this track. If nothing else, let the song serve as motivation and inspiration. Take comfort in the fact that even one of the most versatile and positive musicians in the world has his off moments. Cheer up with this Showers’ exclusive!

Venus L

New Artist Watch: ‘The Proposition’ Produced by Ju-Ke Ft. 4POUND

In case you are not familiar with one of Taliferro Music’s latest artists, Ju-Ke…where have you been?! He’s an extremely versatile musician with a niche in the coveted underground, gritty feeling, real hip-hop music scene. Ju-Ke has been making noise since 2007.

The Tracks…

With an impressive catalog, the beat maker is already preparing to leave quite a legacy. Specializing in intricate compositions, and crafting an array of multifaceted tracks, he began his stint as a Hip-Hop centered composer after coming across rapper, 4POUND. Often compared with the old school Hip-Hop music that many still prefer to the mainstream Rap of today, this dude definitely creates crowd moving tunes.

“The Proposition”

Simply, a dope track. Listening to this track almost gives the feeling that you’ve stumbled into a time warp. Highly lyrical with a genuine message, this is the stuff most choosy Hip-Hop heads go crazy for. Abstract feeling strings, awesome percussions, in tandem with a haunting female vocal sample, make Hip-Hop lovers take note. Comparable to an old Mobb Deep standard, Ju-Ke’s production in conjunction with the talented M.C. 4POUND is a match made in Hip-Hop heaven! Have a listen, and sound-off in the comments!

Is Ju-Ke’s throwback-esque production the future of music?

Venus L

‘My Daughter’ by Ty Showers

This track is a special dedication to the parental units and offsprings of the world. Sing along in praises of your babies with Ty Showers’, “My Daughter.” An R&B/slowjam, this tune is a far cry from his usual sensual, romantic, and sometimes even lustful tracks. Instead, Ty crafts a highly sentimental and universally captivating track with this song.

Soft and smooth, this is one of those soothing tunes that can instantly put anyone in a better mood. A stark contrast from most offspring-centered odes, this track breaks the lyrical mold by including the not so favorable circumstances that many fathers face in terms of raising their children. Showers’ so tenderly speaks of the regrets, and other issues many parents experience. He ends with assuring his (now grown) daughter that he will always be there, and wants the best for her.

Relatable yet grandiose, Showers speaks of the unconditional love for his daughter in such a selfless way that it will likely cause most parents to stop, reminiscence, and reflect on their relationships with their children. Whether you are the best parent/child ever or can use some improvement, listen in love and let the music incite a riot of love and laughter in us all.

Venus L

Bread and Circuses: Music as a Reflection of the Times

Music is definitely a reflection of the time in which it is produced. I will examine and primarily focus on America’s most influential genres; Blues, Jazz, R&B, Rock, and Hip-Hop. Blues is a direct descendant of old work songs that slaves often sung in the cotton and sugar cane fields, has influenced just about every genre of modern music, from the somber and sometimes grim lyrics filled with self-pity, or the actual musical structure of the Blues. Looking back, the lyrics of these songs often were about being cheated on, missing home, being penniless, or generally feeling worthless and low. Their songs attempted to identify with other people who may listen and find themselves in similar circumstances. Time progressed and Jazz started as New Orleans street music, which quickly gained in popularity across the country.

When Jazz became more than street music and attracted reputable and renown performers, the identity of these performers became not unlike the mythical lone cowboy, reveling in his uniqueness and self-reliance, his utter coolness standing above everyone else. Along comes R&B and this cult of personality we saw in the Jazz era is still applied heavily to individual performers, but the formula and content of the songs are almost identical to Blues. Rock hits America like a sack of delightful bricks in the late 50’s, and a mythical individual archetype really takes off and influences all these genres.

Rock and Roll artists dressed to impress, had impeccable hair, and all the ladies wanted to be with them. Songs became more about the artists’ overwhelming awesomeness, and how great they were at playing their instruments, or singing their songs. Fast forward to the late 70’s and 80’s, and you’ll find the foundations of Hip-Hop are all about wearing the right clothing, accessories, jewelry, and bragging about one’s capabilities, possessions and most important, money.

Today, you’ll notice people seem to be much more interested in the wacky hijinks of Pop stars instead of their ability to sing, dance, or whatever their talent requires them to do. The appearance and behavior of these Pop stars on stage and in the newspapers is now what is of most importance to push sales. The content of the songs is often braggadocios and aims to establish the artist as a lone rebel amongst a sea of conformists.

My perspective, this period of music we have been trapped in for over a decade is the worst this country has ever endured. I’m not sure if we can pull ourselves out of this funk, but I have a feeling that the poor quality of the music is inextricably tied to the horrible economy. In the 70’s, when the economy wasn’t doing so great, Disco was quite popular and was viewed with the same scorn as Pop is today.

Alas, maybe there is still hope for the future of music.

Bradford Nims

‘A Day Off’ by Ty Showers

You’ve been working too hard…take a trip with Ty Showers and rejuvenate your mood! A laidback Jazz fusion studded with some intense moments to get your energy going, “A Day Off” is a proverbial holiday in a music track. Refreshingly calming with just a smidge of vitality, this tune is perfect for those moments in which your brain needs a break.

The track begins with an energetic and heavily horn-imbued introduction. Then, it slowly transitions and fades off into some beautifully improvised string work, which culminates in a fusion of the two, before fading away altogether into some impressive bass work. A tune that allows for rest, relaxation, contemplation, as well as a bit of head-bobbing, this track is vital to the overly stressed desk worker who needs to momentarily unwind. Equally important, the stay-at-home mother who desperately needs a moment to herself will appreciate a mood-boosting melody.

Above all, this track was crafted by Ty Showers to help listeners channel and release an array of frustrations. Almost as soothing as it is jovial, “A Day Off” can help you find your calm in the middle of a chaotic day. Life certainly isn’t all sunshine and roses, but take a trip with Showers and see if you start seeing your glass as half full, rather than empty. Music is nothing more than an audio extension of our most intangible emotions. When it comes to crafting and fusing these ethereal elements of our lives, Showers is in a league of his own. Let the music take you and enjoy the journey. We could all use “A Day Off!”

Venus L

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