‘Friday’ by Ty Showers

Sing along and celebrate the best day of the week with Ty Showers’ brand spankin’ new track, ‘Friday’! A rhythmic, soul-funk fusion of sorts, this track surely has something in it for every working stiff that has been waiting all week to just…cut loose.

Told from the voice of a man who is both excited and saddened by the notion of Friday nights and what they represent, there is an interesting dichotomy to this track that is nothing less than intriguing. One the one hand, the lyrics continuously chant and celebrate the many reasons why Fridays are so great (i.e. having time to have a few drinks, listen to music, and pick up sexy women). On the other hand, the lyrics also point to a downside of Fridays (or just weekends in general), the fact that he is single and has no wife/ family to share such an awesome time with. However the track is not at all bleek and nevertheless, the singer concludes that he will definitely enjoy the ‘hunt’ in the meantime…

Simply put, this song is a slice of amusement. Short and sweet, it’s the perfect ode to those times in life in which you are highly excited just to have time to relax, unwind, and meet new people. However, not at all for the prudish, play this song if and only if you are in fact, ‘trying to get some’… #TGIF!

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‘Pool Our Money’ by Ty Showers

Take a rich journey into the world of hip-hop, soul, & r&b with one of Ty Showers’ latest creations, ‘Pool Our Money’! A deep, thought provoking track that you can dance to, this song is certainly for ‘the people’!

A cool, fluid intro that slowly leaks out into an epic hip-hop trifecta of a beat, ‘Pool Our Money’ is clearly a juicy mix of a love of music as well as humanity. Filled with awesome synths, melodies, harmonies, special effects, and stellar background vocals, this song can be appreciated by lovers of virtually any genre. Anchored in by his anti-establishment lyrics, this track is making a splash as a new age anthem for those who wish to orchestrate change via financial avenues.

‘It really hurts my heart
All the businesses you could start
But these are the things you think of when you’re smart’ ~Ty Showers

Music has always been one of the top agents of change. Therefore, share this song as your proverbial leaflet to help bring about the plethora of changes in which the world is pining for.  A song for the forward thinkers and do-gooders of the world alike, play this the next time you wish to orchestrate a conversation brimming with out-of-the-box thoughts. Let’s ‘Pool Our Money’; Ty Showers is the Pied Piper.

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‘All I Need is You’ by Ty Showers

Laud for life and love with a track made specifically for those filled with fondness for another. ‘All I Need is You’ by Ty Showers is one such track; brimming with the patented r&b fusion-sound Showers is quickly becoming known for. Part r&b, part soul, this song is 100% lovey-dovey goodness.

A funky, festive intro, this tune quickly unfolds into the love ode its title promised it to be. A serenading Showers immediately delves deeply into a love story of epic proportions. The artist renounces his need for most worldly pleasures asserting that the love of his life is all he truly needs to be happy.

‘I don’t need no fancy car
I don’t need to be a star
I don’t want what you bought
I don’t want any THOTS

(All I need Is You).

Clearly contemporary lyrics with a timeless arrangement and sound, this track is for couples of all ages and backgrounds. Not for the faint at heart, this track is for proud lovers. Those who have and will continue to fight for something that we are constantly being told is overrated, or even a thing of the past. This is for those who believe in relationships of longevity in lieu of instant gratification via the ‘hook-up’ culture of present-day society.

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‘Jimi’s Blues’ by Ty Showers

Yes, thee Jimi! That’s right, Ty Showers has taken the time to do a musical dedication to the late, great, Jimi Hendrix with his latest smash, ‘Jimi’s Blues’! An ode to his childhood and the good music that helped create the music mogul we have come to know and love, ‘Jimi’s Blues’ is a throwback to the musical stylings of a notorious legend that remains ‘before his time’.

It begins with a lengthy and bone-chilling guitar solo in the style of Mr Hendrix himself. The track continues on into Showers’ vocals which more than compliment the sensationally screeching guitar…it takes it to the next level. A track for all ages, this is one of those feel-good songs that makes you want to share it with everyone you come across.

Fun, funky, and refreshingly flippant, the song is told from the voice of a man who is speaking to his two-timing lover. This one is for the rockers at heart. You don’t necessarily need to have a band or a bike to enjoy one of the greatest genres of music ever created, one must simply listen. Play this when you feel the need to be free. The spirit of Jimi is soaring through this song with fierce speed. Catch ‘Jimi’s Blues’ and don’t forget to share it with a few…

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‘Suck My ____’ by Ty Showers

We all have those moments when we don’t give a F#*^, listen to ‘Suck My ____’ by Ty Showers and make that message loud and clear! Yet another jazz rock fusion, Showers manages to once again break the mold that he continually redefines with each composition.

The track begins with a vibe that is a bit mellow, or even ambient, but quickly veers off in a new, exciting direction. Upbeat and electric rock instrumentation immediately settles in  causing an entirely new feel to emerge; trippy carelessly, or even electronic apathy is the feeling brought on by the majority of this track. Showers wavers abruptly between the mellow and mind-bending melodies in such a way that is nothing, if not incautiously sleek.

Hard to predict, yet easy to follow, this track is perfect for those times when you may not know how to feel. Someone is angry at you, your boss expected more, your friends aren’t being supportive…forget them! Turn on this tune and let the world know you’re gonna be just fine.

Created by an adventurous and rebellious feeling Showers, this track is intended to encourage any and everyone to stay true to the song in their hearts. Your song may not be for everyone, in fact, you song may not appeal to anyone, does this mean you should stop singing? Never! Listen to ‘Suck My ____” by Ty Showers and learn what it sounds like to give something your all, while simultaneously being unaffected by if the world at large enjoys it, or not…

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‘Kenya Love’ by Ty Showers

Take a walk on the wild side with “Kenya Love” by Ty Showers. A funky, jazz fusion that toys with the usage of tempo throughout, this track is definitely nothing like other new age jazz fusions. Simultaneously fresh and novel, with a distinct throw-back/vintage feel, this tune gives off a contemporary, but timeless vibe.

Seasoned with an array of wild, jazzy improvisations, “Kenya Love” is an uninhibited glimpse into jazz-fusion music. The track is treacherous to the ears, yet tender to the touch. Whilst wavering between passionate, almost lustful, rapid segments, and slow, sensual, soothing lulls, Showers manages to tread the line of sheer awesomeness.

The perfect soundtrack for snuggling or wrecking a room, “Kenya Love” taps into our modern concept of love, and our primal urges. Highly dichotomous, this piece seems to argue with itself. Shifting between a more classical vibe and an urban or even indigenous feel, the tune encompasses the complexities of beautiful music.

An overall fierce work of art, “Kenya Love” contrasts a plethora of sounds and emotions. Listen and fall in love…or lust. Whichever you prefer.

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