‘Vikki (Do You Hear Me)’ by Ty Showers

Do you ever need a smooth, mellow, romantic song to help put you in the mood? Look no further! Sing of love and lust with Ty Showers’, ‘Vikki (Do You Hear Me). A beautifully written/ performed track, this song brings us more of the Ty Showers that we have come to know and love. An r&b love song, Ty Showers is on a mission to prove that r&b love music is still relevant today.

A clean, crisp intro, the track begins as though we are being gently called to attention. A bell-filled delight, this track seems to charm the softer side of all who listen to it. The track then takes off when Showers chimes in vocally with lyrics that prove that deep, profound odes to women are not dead. Melodic from beginning to end, the marriage between Showers’ vocals and his instrumentation are air tight in this piece. Culminating in the horn section, this song plays like a grand ‘ole dream…

Lyrically a bit racy, this track is certainly not suitable for children…but it may help assist in their creation. Play this with care and make very certain the sound is contained! A proverbial Love Potion No. 9, Taliferro Music will not be held liable for any actions and subsequent consequences brought on by this song. That being said, enjoy like you’ve never enjoyed before!

Venus L

‘Take This Crack Head’ by Ty Showers ft. Kathleen D. Shaw

Try something different today and listen to ‘Take This Crack Head’ by Ty Showers featuring Kathleen D. Shaw…it’s bound to be one of the more interesting moments of your day! A rare Ty Showers collaboration, this track does an amazing job of marrying spoken-word poetry with awesomely crafted instrumentation.

A candid track that deals with the subject of addiction and its many associated issues, this is the kind of eye-opening track that can take the world by storm. Thought provoking and purposeful, this song effortlessly tackles a taboo topic that most artists tend to stay away from at all costs due to its sheer deplorability. Impressively, the duo managed to make it both complex and catchy making it the perfect track to handle such a delicate subject matter. Reminiscent of the James Brown era (in which issues like this were routinely discussed and written about), this track does an excellent job at giving the listeners something that is both current and timeless.

The track itself is a hit even before the lyrics are heard. A smooth yet funky rhythm and blues groove that seems to have been crafted just for the purpose of inciting thought-provoking poetry and lyrics. Kathleen D. Shaw more than captures the essence of the track, she improves upon it. No, this is not your ordinary r&b song…but that’s why you’re here…No? Take this ‘Take This Crack Head’ track and play it wherever people need to have open dialogue and be entertained at the very same time…

Venus L

‘Short Sighted’ by Ty Showers

For an erotically pleasurable listening experience, try ‘Short Sighted’ by Ty Showers! Hardly one for the teeny-boppers, this track is strictly for the grown and sexy crowd. An epic example of r&b/soul, the unique sound of this track is undeniable.

Fun and flippant, this lyrics are written from the voice of a frisky man who only has one thing on his mind…his woman! Racy and quite raw (pun slightly intended) this track is simply brimming with pure, unbridled passion. Catchy and cohesive, this track seems to just flow from beginning to end and certainly leaves a lasting impression. Brilliantly arranged and composed, this song is a testament to how simplicity in vocals and complexity in instrumentation can beautifully intertwine.

Not unlike some of some of Showers’ more sexually overt songs, this track does a fantastic job of treading the fine line between sensual and downright sexual. Made especially for the adult and the unadulterated, this track is to be played only when one is seeking to set or sustain ‘the mood’. Potent and provocative please always play Ty Showers with caution. Taliferro Music and its affiliates will not be held liable for any intentional or unintentional side effects stemming from the playing of this song…

Venus L


‘Hold Me Now’ by Ty Showers

For a rhythm and blues infused soundtrack for lover’s, listen to ‘Hold Me Now’ by Ty Showers! Highly bluesy and chock full of hip-hop flavor, this track is an urban music-lover’s dream come true.

Imagine a cool, calming love song with just the right amount of hip-hop flair… A song that is just perfect for the young and in love as well as the seasoned and committed. A song that has as much passion as it does punch; one of those tracks you can just listen to on repeat and discover a different part to love each time. You no longer have to imagine…it exists! Indeed, ‘Hold Me Now’ by Ty Showers is one such creation.

Beginning with a lengthy and hypnotic and melodic introduction, the track gains intensity when Showers slowly relishes his smooth vocals. With tight melodies and catchy, meaningful lyrics, this song takes the notion of love songs in 2015 to all new levels. A crowd favorite, this track is fastly becoming a standard for the ingenious musician/vocalist, Ty Showers.

Far from the drab love songs of old, Showers manages to fully embrace the new age sound while simultaneously remaining a stickler to his timeless, core sound. Now is all we have…but sometimes now lasts forever.

Venus L

‘Pool Our Money’ by Ty Showers

Take a rich journey into the world of hip-hop, soul, & r&b with one of Ty Showers’ latest creations, ‘Pool Our Money’! A deep, thought provoking track that you can dance to, this song is certainly for ‘the people’!

A cool, fluid intro that slowly leaks out into an epic hip-hop trifecta of a beat, ‘Pool Our Money’ is clearly a juicy mix of a love of music as well as humanity. Filled with awesome synths, melodies, harmonies, special effects, and stellar background vocals, this song can be appreciated by lovers of virtually any genre. Anchored in by his anti-establishment lyrics, this track is making a splash as a new age anthem for those who wish to orchestrate change via financial avenues.

‘It really hurts my heart
All the businesses you could start
But these are the things you think of when you’re smart’ ~Ty Showers

Music has always been one of the top agents of change. Therefore, share this song as your proverbial leaflet to help bring about the plethora of changes in which the world is pining for.  A song for the forward thinkers and do-gooders of the world alike, play this the next time you wish to orchestrate a conversation brimming with out-of-the-box thoughts. Let’s ‘Pool Our Money’; Ty Showers is the Pied Piper.

Venus L

‘My Sugar’ by Ty Showers

Sometimes love seems to sing us the sweetest melodies…get a taste of the real thing with ‘My Sugar’ by Ty Showers. A sensual r&b/slow jam, this track is the stuff that creates sweet dreams as well as tasty memories.

Simultaneously about love at first sight and unadulterated lust, this track is one that is rather relatable to most human adults. With smooth, romantic-feeling instrumentation and calming, vocals to match, this track is a proverbial love spell for those who are already feeling spellbound. The tune essentially takes on the tone of a man who is trying to both woo and romance his object of affection. Though he is clearly in the mood to get physical, he also makes it very clear that he has strong feelings for his lady that go far beyond his sexual desires. A bit of a throwback to the love songs of yore, this is song outlines a moment in time in which a man is putting his pride aside in order to offer admiration and some may even say a bit of worship to his lady-love and the power of the female form overall.

Clearly not your average love song, (especially in this day and age) this, and other tracks like this, are the crux of what makes Ty Showers’ tracks so different from most mainstream music. Not only are his instrumentals timeless, but so are the messages of each song. Sing and dance of true love, and let Ty Showers be your guide…how sweet!

Venus L

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