A Conversation with Electronic Music Composer Calima Shatiday


Calima Shatiday loves to pass along his love for smooth, mellow and electronic music. He believes that creating layered melodies produces beautiful ear candy and is worth listening. Taliferro Music had a brief chat with Calima Shatiday and here is what he shared.

“I rely on electronics and software to allow me to rediscover what I’m capable of, creating music tracks and blending those tracks into a final mix. What a mix can do is freeze a creation, but you’re not allowed to listen to how it was created. I constantly mix and remix. This allows me to go back and still discover little things.”

“In the beginning of creating electronic music I had a surreal experience, where I was involved in a collaborative composition effort with a guy who is a folk guitar player for a local band. I got all these combinations involved in my execution of the mix. It wasn’t until I started drawing in others in my community that I started to feel good about what I was doing. I didn’t feel tight anymore. Until the last four of five years I still felt jazzy, like I was following the guidelines of all these jazz predecessors.”

“These were great influences: Patrice Rushen, Oscar Peterson, Joni Mitchell. It wasn’t until 2000 that I really found out that there were downtempo electronic music artists working for years.”

A Mellow and Relaxed Electronic Music Artist

Calima Shatiday’s passion for music, calm and understanding is reflected in his life, including his home, which he decorates with relaxing artifacts. His musical endeavors not only reflect his skills as a pianist, but a deeper passion for real understanding of ourselves and each other.

“Because I surround myself with calmness, when I create music I just play. There is no plan or melody in my head. Whatever and whenever my fingers move on the keyboard, that’s it”, he says.

It’s obvious from his work that he is indeed an inspired by something. A total of 10 albums in 3 years.

This same inspiration is pervasive in his social life, his neighborhood and nearly every component of his life. Calima Shatiday is a private person, but he visits and helps children in desperate need of nurturing, individualized attention and most importantly, boundaries and structure. He believes strongly in affection and discipline.

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