‘Escape’ by Ty Showers

Need to getaway?! You’ve come to the right place! ‘Escape’ with Ty Showers’ latest reggae infused creation! Irrefutably ire, this track will leave you feeling like you just left the islands…

A nice chill groove created to incite a moment of zen in the middle of mayhem, it’s almost impossible to lose your cool after finding this tune. Lyrically speaking, this track is created from the voice of a simple man who just needs to unwind and have a good time. Groovy and soul-gyrating, this song will have you practicing your best island-inspired dance moves whilst sipping your favorite chilled cocktail to boot.

Inspired by the old school, reggae grooves he’s been listening to since childhood, ‘Escape’ is meant to be just that…a way to getaway from your mundane life. Creating this track allowed for Showers to breakaway from his normalcy to bring about something new and unusual (at least for him). Now you try! Play this track and be inspired to do any and everything that you’re afraid to do because it veers away from your routine. Go for that job change! Take that vacation! Ask him/her on a date! No shade and no shame; sometimes we all simply need the right motivation…to ‘Escape’!

Venus L