How to Create an Internet Mix

You should know mixing for the Internet is quite different from mixing for CD distribution. When mixing for the Internet, your main concern should be fast download, which may sacrifice sound quality. Fast downloads compromise sound quality by using less than desirable Codecs.

The goal of mixing for the Internet is to provide listeners with the fastest possible access to your music. You should not try to create the perfect mix for distribution over the Internet. Just think, if you’re going to provide your best mix available for streaming and downloading, why would someone buy the song?

Musicians, you have been bamboozled into thinking that you should provide a good mix over the Internet through distribution platforms SoundCloud and ReverbNation. On the contrary, your MP3 should give a low quality taste of your music. Something that entices a listener to pay for higher quality.

When you mix for the Internet you should consider:

  • Start with your high end mix and work your way down
  • Cut the high end and bottom frequencies
  • Consider a lower kHz compression instead of 44kHz
  • Consider compression on multiple bands
  • Encode for less quality

If you create good music, music people want to listen to, make the higher quality song available at a higher price. Take a hint from Apple, price the music commensurate to the quality. A high quality 160kbps bit rate recording cost more than one at 128kbps.

Ty Showers