People Should Speak Music

People Should Speak MusicImagine a world where music is similar to spoken language. Often times spoken language is interpreted and deciphered. Intent and connotation can be subjective.

Today it is common for people to say one thing but mean another. People speak, but you really have to read between the lines as to their intent.

Are there some people you just don’t understand even though you speak the same language?

What about politicians? They usually they say one thing, sound sincere, but mean something totally different.

Do you like reading between the lines?

People play this game daily in millions of situations, no matter the importance, the game is omnipresent.

You see this activity a lot on TV, especially documentaries. The documentaries where the prisoner sounds sincere in their remorse. They tell people “don’t do what I’ve done”. Frequently a farce, because they get out of prison and do the same thing that landed them into prison in the first place.

What about your so-called friends? For no apparent reason they say things they have to intention of honoring. They ask for favors they have to intention of returning.

Deciphering Music Would Be A Frustrating Experience

What if music was like this?

Where the note you heard, isn’t exactly the note that was played?

What if you had to decipher and transcribe every note you heard?

How frustrating it would be to listen to music. Maybe that’s why there is so much music available. To drown out all the bullshit we hear daily. Thank goodness for music in all it’s varieties.

What a peaceful world it would be if people just spoke music. No deception, everyone saying what they mean.

Some would say this thinking is naive, but those are the people who need to speak music the most.

If everyone spoke music, you could also easily catch liars. How? Key signatures. They’re playing in the wrong key, so either they are lying or talking about something totally different that is not relevant to the conversation.

Let’s just speak music.