Nice T


Thirsty for something soothing and acoustic? Jazz up your day with a nice, healthy sip of Ty Showers’ ‘Nice-T’! A delightfully calming track, the build-up can be likened to boiling water in a tea kettle, slow at first it and seemingly sizzles out of nowhere. Mellow as chamomile, spicy like chai, this track is the ultimate melodious elixir.

Perfect for a day in which you’re highly stressed and need to relax, or feeling melancholy and need a pick me up. Simultaneously calming and uplifting, Showers once again manages to blend a smorgasbord or sounds and textures in such a manner that a fresh and new sound emerges. Jazzy and mellow, yet simultaneously upbeat and cheerful, this track can be enjoyed everywhere from the jazz lounge, to the long evening commute home. Carried by the piano-anchored melody, this is the type of track you can listen to in silence, or even sing along to and make up your own words and melodies.

Perhaps most suitable for a lullaby or a quiet evening in, ‘Nice-T’ is 100% family friendly. No need to hide yourself from the kids in order to enjoy this tune. Indeed, it is designed for the exact opposite; a conversation piece for music lovers everywhere. Whether they enjoy the tempo, melody, instrumentation, or any combination of the three, ‘Nice-T’ is a track that will not soon be forgotten. No matter if you’re stressed, sick, lonely, happy, excited, or in love, listen to this track and enhance your mood. ‘Nice-T’ is like your favorite drink to wash down your most treasured foods. Drink up!