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An Open Minded Musical Journey

Ever since the time I could walk, music has been an integral part of my life. My Mom and Dad were big blues lovers. Bobby “Blue” Bland and B.B. King were in constant rotation. My Mom would stack vinyl albums 10 deep on the record player.

A vintage 1963 Zenith turntable console would play one album, drop another (right on top of the previous) and play the next album, this repeated until all albums were played.

Now check this out, Mom would take the 10 stacked albums off the turntable, flip them over, and play the other sides. This happened every night until I fell asleep.

Fantastic Music Moments

There are three dramatic music moments in my life. The three moments have allowed me to become a much more open person. I accept and listen to all types of music now. Keep in mind that up until the age of 15, the only music I was acquainted with was gospel, blues, and rhythm and blues.

Moment Number One

At the age of 15 (living in Chicago), I knew an awesome drummer named Brady Williams (who is currently a blues drummer in Chicago). I admired Brady because he was phenomenal playing drums. I was learning how to play guitar. He was two years older than I.

I went to his house one day, and when he opened the door, I heard the most wonderful music coming from his upstairs bedroom. I had never heard music of this kind. I was fascinated and smitten. What type of music I was hearing? Brady invited me up to his room and brought out his album collection. The song playing was Renaissance by Jean Luc Ponty. That song changed my life. Because of that song I became curious about not only music but everything. Back then I only knew of music played on the radio. If it hadn’t been played on the radio I was unaware of its existence.

After hearing Renaissance, everyday after school I would take the train downtown to Rose Records and survey the album bins. Mostly to learn about what I was missing. I never imagined buying albums before hearing them. But when I went to Rose Records I would buy between 3 to 5 albums of artists I had never heard.

My appetite to explore as much music as possible was insatiable. I learned about Joni Mitchell, Flora Purin, Michael Urbaniak, Steve Hillage, Allan Holdsworth and The Mahavishnu Orchestra. The door of music was open and I stepped right in.

Moment Number Two

This moment is a little fuzzy. Sometime in 1991, one night watching music videos, real late, I saw the weirdess video I have ever seen. I don’t remember exactly the song or video, but I remember it was weird and the band was Tool. Up until that point I tolerated rock, I wasn’t a big rock music fan. But when I heard Tool. My entire perception of rock changed. The desire to explore and listen to the rock genre was large.

Moment Number Three

In 2001, while living in Miami, I went to the Delano hotel for an after work get together. When I walked into the Delano my jaw dropped. It was amazing. Long white curtains hung from the ceiling acting as section dividers in the hotel lobby. Colored lights decorated the tall white walls. As I walked to the back of the lobby, the volume of cool and mellow music playing increased. The music had few words but a steady beat. It was perfect for Miami.

I went over to the DJ and asked what type of music was he playing and he said lounge music.

Learning about lounge music opened the doors to discovering all forms of electronic music. Chill out, electronic dance, nu jazz, downtempo, dub step and ambient. The introduction of lounge came at a perfect time. The older I get the more I want to chill. Each day at 5pm it is guaranteed I’m listening to some type of electronic music.

Ty Showers

“Waiting in Vain” by Terzasfera

In case you’re not yet familiar with the epic Italian electro-pop band, Terzasfera…you’ve definitely come to the right place. Most well known for their melodically mellow musical stylings, this is a band that is steadily reaching international success. Today, we look at the video for “Waiting in Vain,” a cover of the old Bob Marley song of the same title.

Why Wait…?

Seriously, if you haven’t yet watched the video, what are you waiting for?! A wondrously whimsical video, you can enjoy with the sound on or off as the slightly scattered storyline is highly colorful and captivating. The video features a lone Joy Moonbay as she kind-of kookily goes about her day. However, rather than doing normal chores she makes light of the situation as she merely seems to pass time until her love returns. This is made evident in the scene when she pulls her earring out of the cupcake, as well as the scene in which she pulls her pearls out of the tea kettle.

What’s It All Mean?

Seemingly, the overall point of the video is that she is waiting happily and patiently for her lover…but is growing tired and wants him to know that she is not willing to wait forever. She is playing with things such as a Rubic’s Cube, in a messy house to indicate her growing restlessness. Furthermore, the fact that she doesn’t clean the house and instead appears to enjoy her time alone, shows that she is imperfect, yet satisfied in her own skin. In a nutshell, this video is a story about a woman who is comfortable in her own skin…but missing her counterpart; she wants him to wholly accept her and will wait for the right one…but, not in vain.

An excellent cover with awesome accompanying visuals…what’s not to love?! Don’t wait…watch it #NOW!

Venus L

Are You a Terzasferan

Are You a Terzasferan?


Do you tend to stroll through life sporting rose-colored glasses? Do you feel every day is a holiday that should be embraced and celebrated?

You’re not crazy (despite what your family says…), you just might be a Terzasferan!

Who Are the Terzasferans?

Armed with a soundtrack that glorifies the ups and downs on this wild ride that we call “life,” a Terzasferan is a vital (albeit unofficial) member of the Italian-pop band, Terzasfera. They are the lifeblood of what makes Terzasfera so positive and upbeat. The band has tons of happy, vibrant fans who excitedly anticipate their every Joyful creation, and keeps the band on a jubilant path.

Is That All There Is To It?

Of course not! Besides their impeccable music taste, (*wink*) the Terzasferans are those of us always willing to lend a helping hand or offer an encouraging word to their fellow humans. They not only see the good in every situation, but they thrive from encouraging others to do the same. On the whole, they personify the mystically ambient vibe of Terzasfera’s music.

In other words: “There are people we meet in life that make everything seem magical…cherish them.” ~Unknown.

Terzasferans, unite!

Venus L

Improve Your Mood

The Top 5 Soulful Taliferro Tracks to Improve Your Mood . . .


We can all use a musical pick-me-up from time to time. I know, you already have your favorites but before you revert to drowning your sorrows in 90’s grunge, try something different! Taliferro is a haven for music that both uplifts and motivates under even the most extenuating circumstances. Perhaps most notably, the soulful stylings of Terzasfera and Kerboo. On that note, please allow me to present to you: The Top 5 Soulful Taliferro Tracks to Improve Your Mood

5. “Try to Believe” by Terzasfera – A song that encourages even the most damaged of hearts to love again, “Try to Believe” is essentially the antithesis of every jilted break up song in history, as its smooth sounds soothe the soul and promotes waiting for true love in lieu of living in pain.

4. “Don’t Get Upset” by Ty Showers  An upbeat, happy track that just makes you want to dance, “Don’t Get Upset” is about all you need to get you out of a bad mood … and maybe even do a little shimmy? However, I won’t push my luck on the latter…

3. “Electrified” by Terzasfera – Yet another track that serves as a proverbial battery pack to the bruised soul, “Electrified” is a track that recharges even the most drained coronary muscles, leaving them as close to renewed as possible, even if only for a little while.

2. “You Make Me Feel So Good” by Kerboo – How could you not feel good…listening to such a talented crooner serenade and tell you how good you make him feel? That’s how #KlubKerboo seems to see it…Seriously though, just turn this track on and let the sense of love and joy take you to new heights…or at least back to sea level…

1. “Improve Your Mood” by Ty Showers – Felling sad? Depressed? Is life getting you down? Not anymore! Tune into one of Ty Showers’ latest and greatest tracks, ‘Improve Your Mood’, and do just that! An uplifting dance, soul, house, and r&b fusion, ‘Improve Your Mood’ is definitely a track for with a little something for everyone.

Life happens, don’t let it get you down. Especially, when there’s so much good music out here just waiting for a chance to do the opposite; #JustPressPlay!

Venus L


Single Spotlight: ‘Maybe’ by Terzasfera

In case you’re yet unfamiliar, Terzasfera is an Italian electropop band fronted by the gorgeous vocalist, Joy Moonbay. Known for their playful, positive, and profound playlist of pop cultural perfection, this is certainly a band to watch, (assuming you haven’t already been doing so). On that note, if you’re looking for an awesomely ambient electropop fusion track that’s both cynical and sensual well maybe you should keep reading…


By “maybe,” I mean definitely! Seriously, if you’re looking for a song that can simultaneously voice your relationship-related frustrations and calm your anguish, this is it! “Maybe” by Terzasfera is a song that effortlessly expresses the pure passion associated with heartache, in a healthy and candid manner.

All That in One Song?!

Why, certainly! What is presumably a track based on a definitive moment of uncertainty in love, “Maybe” is one of those tunes that can virtually rectify any foul mood. The music is lullaby-esque while the words are simultaneously a stark contrast. The tracks seem to tell a tale in which the leading lady rehashes and laments over the various mistakes she may or may not have made/allowed in her most recent relationship. Culminating in the chorus the powerful words “NEVER AGAIN” are belted and crooned with such sincerity, you begin question the title of the track.


Overall, this track seems to be an homage to the fickle nature of love. Though the song is definitely about a woman who is clearly hurting and questioning her relationship with her significant other, the title of the track indicates there is still hope. The singer sounds strong and sure about needing to move on. However, the word “maybe” repeatedly peppered throughout the song reflects that she’s truly not sure whether she’s coming or going.

Isn’t that just like love?! Well, maybe…

Venus L

Why Music Videos Are Vital for Successful Indie Artists

Why Music Videos Are Vital for Successful Indie Artists

In case you haven’t been paying attention to the music industry as of late, you may have missed the massive onslaught of Indie artists who are now attaining and enjoying mainstream notoriety. There are many contributing factors to this vast rising in success stories; however, there is one vital factor, the music video.

Why Music Videos?

Within the age of technology or “information age” as many have dubbed our current era, exists a generation that craves instant gratification. Movies are out seemingly weeks after books hit the shelves, and sometimes the movie even beats the book! This is a time when fanaticism can reach astounding heights as it is now possible to find out virtually everything you want to know about any and everyone/thing you can imagine. Music videos act as the proverbial instant reward for listening to an artist’s music. Indeed, the video is how many achieve massive followings almost instantaneously…it’s one thing to enjoy a MP3…it’s quite another to enjoy a MP3, video, interview, and biography of an artist at one’s fingertips.

Indie Artists

The video is especially valuable as a way for Indie artists to connect with their fans. Though many get more radio spins than a typical mainstream artist, they are also doing far fewer appearances on television and are far less likely to gain promotion from endorsement deals and the like. That is to say, for an Indie artist the video is a TV appearance and endorsement deal wrapped into one. Since many do not have the financial backing to make them visible enough to secure more mainstream exposure from the onset of their career, they must work in the opposite direction as mainstream artists and use the views of their videos to leverage high revenue generating opportunities, such as televisions appearances. For instance, the Italian electropop band, Terzasfera has a rapidly growing fan base internationally…yet, they still spend the majority of their time in the country where it all began.

Overall, great music is the most significant element to creating a lasting Indie career. However, all clever artists who seek longevity now realize that even the simplest of videos can help them gain fans and notoriety. If you’re an artist on the Indie scene that opposes the need for shooting large budget videos, do keep in mind that performance or even animated videos are a fairly inexpensive way to achieve the same effect. Either way, you are doing yourself and your fans a disservice if you expect your music (no matter how awesome), to hold its own against those who have an accompanying visual for virtually every note they sing or play…


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