‘Wow’ by Ty Showers

For a slice of upbeat uniqueness check out ‘Wow’ by Ty Showers! A dubstep, electronic, jazzy fusion of amazing proportions, Ty Showers continues to top himself by consistently bringing us cool and unusual music. Music Lover’s Tip: Play this one on your best headphones or speakers…the drums really do give a good thump!

Lyric-less and rhythmic, this track is all groove. Indeed, this instrumentation is so spot on that it would likely take away from the tracks had lyrics been added in. Despite the lack of lyrics, the track in conjunction with promotional picture seem to tell the story of a man who is simply smitten by the beauty of an unnamed woman…and decided to compose a song to speak to the awe inspired by her elegance.

A soundtrack of sorts, be sure to play this track every time you find yourself in a situation that is indescribably awesome. Whether it’s the beauty of a mysterious woman, the fact that you just got that long shot of a promotion, an amazing meal, a marriage proposal, or just an overall fantastic day…put this track on repeat and let Ty Showers speak for you. Indeed, we all have those moments in life that makes us go…’Wow’!

Venus L

Trends In Electronic Music

Trends In Electronic Music


Many probably have noticed how electronic music grew from a somewhat fringe, and underground form of music to popular, mainstream success over the past few years. This sudden rise in popularity began with the emergence of an unknown genre known as “Dubstep.” There are many talented producers within Dubstep. The rise in popularity has caused a lot of heated debate within the electronic music community.

Electronic music, initially became surrounded by an underground “off the grid” culture of listeners. In recent years, the music attracted a mainstream fan base, to the disdain of many elder rave kids. While the sound of the music itself is loved and hated by many, the credibility of the fans seems to be what is taken into question the most. A developing “trend” can attract a lot of bandwagon fans. In other words, people become fans based on the overall popularity of the trend in question. To some elitist groups of electronic enthusiasts, the bandwagon fans seem to be poisoning their community.

Of course, there’s no right or wrong in this ongoing battle, but certainly it is an interesting situation. The sounds that turned into Dubstep started in the late 1990’s to early 2000’s when producers began to take garage music into a darker, more drum, and bass sound direction. Over time, the sound was perfected and around the late 2000’s hit America and blew up. The development was the first time electronic music became commercially successful, and evident by television commercials adopting the music to sell products.

The trends In electronic music did not stop at Dubstep. After Dubstep became a staple in modern electronic music, a more tribal sounding music known as “Moombahton” began to take form. Even though a lot of previous Dubstep producers and DJ’s made the choice to hop on board, the music style, didn’t go far. Moombahton was a shortly lived fad. However, a few years later another extension of this wave of trends began to happen to much higher acclaim, this music became known as “Trap.”

Trap was an electronic take on the drum beats used by trap rap artists such as Gucci Mane. This music style was a more successful sound than Moombahton. The sound quickly gained a lot of attention. Even many previous Moombahton DJ’s began to make trap music because Moombahton did not take off.

What’s the main point to all of this? Well, it is really up to the reader to decide, but the chronology of electronic music provides some interesting food for thought. Feel free to leave opinions below on what you think the rise in commercial success of certain forms of electronic music has done to the community overall. Whether or not you like the music, you can’t deny electronic has taken music in an entirely new direction.


Damian Frederick