‘Wow’ by Ty Showers

For a slice of upbeat uniqueness check out ‘Wow’ by Ty Showers! A dubstep, electronic, jazzy fusion of amazing proportions, Ty Showers continues to top himself by consistently bringing us cool and unusual music. Music Lover’s Tip: Play this one on your best headphones or speakers…the drums really do give a good thump!

Lyric-less and rhythmic, this track is all groove. Indeed, this instrumentation is so spot on that it would likely take away from the tracks had lyrics been added in. Despite the lack of lyrics, the track in conjunction with promotional picture seem to tell the story of a man who is simply smitten by the beauty of an unnamed woman…and decided to compose a song to speak to the awe inspired by her elegance.

A soundtrack of sorts, be sure to play this track every time you find yourself in a situation that is indescribably awesome. Whether it’s the beauty of a mysterious woman, the fact that you just got that long shot of a promotion, an amazing meal, a marriage proposal, or just an overall fantastic day…put this track on repeat and let Ty Showers speak for you. Indeed, we all have those moments in life that makes us go…’Wow’!

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‘Astronomical’ by Trestal

For a cosmic trip through ambient funk, try Trestal! One of Taliferro’s best kept secrets, Trestal has been creating quite a buzz with his colorful brand of electronic music fusions for the past few years. With a catalog that’s exploding almost as quickly as his fan-base, the ability for this artist to adapt and shift is a large part of his massive appeal.

One of his latest tracks, ‘Astronomical’ is definitely one you won’t soon forget. A spaced-out groove that feels like an audio backdrop to your favorite 80’s movie (the remix), this is one of those tracks that seems to lead you into another world. An epic ambiance is orchestrated from the moment you press play leaving the listener in awe of the many twists and turns this song takes.

This one is for the silent visionaries. For those of us who tend to enjoy the time spent just sitting around, listening, and envisioning the many possibilities of life, this is your song. A track that could easily be played just about anywhere that something legendary might take place, play this when you need to ‘level-up’ in the world. Life is certainly not a game but if it was, this would be the background music. Indeed, discover Trestal. The possibilities are ‘Astronomical’!

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‘Just Dancing’ by Ty Showers

Are you in the mood to have fun and let loose?! Crank up the radio and play ‘Just Dancing’ by Ty Showers! A house/electronic/dance music fusion, this is certainly one for the clubs..or at least your personal version of one…

A step in a different direction for the singer/musician, this highly dance worthy house music fusion is perfect for all people who love to dance. Rhythmic from beginning to end, the extended intro preceding the cool, robotic sounding vocals is what solidifies this track as a certified hit. Dripping in disco, this tune is simultaneously a throwback track and a thing of the future. Furthermore, with a funky midsection and a futuristic sounding outro this track takes an array of unexpected twists and turns that are sure joyously jolt the senses.

Filled with special moments, perhaps the most charming part of this track is the singers’ mention of the ‘magic of the band’. As many already know, and some may just be finding out, Ty Showers is the band! A one man band who plays a plethora of instruments and is skilled in recording as well as musical engineering…So, when the voice of the fictitious band leader speaks about listeners not being able to resist the ‘magic’ of his band, this is merely playful wordplay on behalf of the man behind the music.

Another almost genre-less track with massive appeal. Regardless of age, nationality, or demographic, play this song when you want to dance!

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‘I’m Glad You’re In My Life’ by Ty Showers

Celebrate the love of your life with awesome Electronic/R&B fusion by Ty Showers! A song of love and jubilance, this track is a perfect ode to those folks we all feel lucky to have in our lives. Funky in its own right with a new age feel, the track defies age parameters and categorization.

It begins with a funk-infused, rhythmic and bluesy intro that is quickly decorated with the vocal stylings of Showers himself. The track progresses into a more electronic feel before the chorus proclaims,

‘I’m glad you’re in my Life
My lover and my wife
Also my best friend
It’s amazing how we blend’.

A more than suitable track for long-term love affairs and the like, “I’m Glad You’re In My Life” is timeless. A timeless cut that centers on the never-ending concept, unconditional love. Fun and playful, yet deep and profound, this tune is a sonnet to commemorate the longevity of love.
This mellow track is ideal for love-filled celebrations of all kinds.

Play this at your next wedding reception, graduation, or party, and feel the love. If you’re glad they’re in your life, let them know!

Venus L

The Never Ending Circle

Electronic Dance Music (EDM) has a notably enthusiastic, and highly energetic fanbase. One key aspect of EDM culture that really stands out, and separates it from other musical subcultures, are the many props, tools, toys, or whatever else you may call them, all over the dance floor. From glow sticks, to LED gloves, and poi, the talent in the audience goes far beyond sick dance moves. These objects have always been a part of rave culture, but now more than ever, the people behind these tools are turning them into an art, so whether you’re looking at the DJ spinning records, or the person spinning balls of fire, there’s something to stimulate observers, and mesmerize the crowd in every direction your head turns.

One of the items you’re most likely to see at shows and festivals is the hula hoop. A once simple toy that everyone has attempted to use at some point in their lives, has been converted into a visual phenomenon of swirling, colorful lights, projected by incredibly talented Hoopers. Dancers have managed to swirl these hoops around, above, and behind their bodies in ways previously unheard of, and with the fancy LED lights hula hoops have become a truly incredible sights. I had the chance to ask my good friend Vicki Taylor, a seasoned hoop fanatic, a little bit about her love of this exotic, and intriguing hobby, one which she is truly gifted at performing. In her case, her inspiration to give the hoop a whirl, or a spin I suppose, was witnessing what she called “beautiful, inspiring women hooping at a show,” this was combined with her general love for performing, I’ve truly never seen someone as talented at this particular craft as Vicki Taylor.

What really struck me was her ability to explain the love for hooping with so much passion. She described how she felt safe with a stable circle around her, and no matter how much she spins, she can ground herself. This is truly more than just a normal toy because as I continued talking to her, she went on to bring up the symbolism of a never ending circle that a hoop creates. I’ve come to realize hooping is far more than a hobby, but for those who love it, it’s a spiritual experience, an experience that Vicki has almost every day.

The incredible experiences created for both performers and spectators doesn’t end with hula hoops. Many people use LED gloves or glow sticks to create insane visuals with the way they move their hands. People spin fire, and some Hoopers have specially designed hoops also lit on fire before they begin their extravagant displays of jaw dropping circle creations. Regardless of the particular toy, electronic music fans are as talented as the performers they come to see. You truly need to see these people with your own eyes to understand the skill, and passion involved.

Damian Frederick


The Art of Remakes: Can Old Really be New Again?

If you’re like most music fans, you undoubtedly have an opinion on whether remaking and remixing old songs should be considered original, or simply a lack of creativity. Before you make your definitive decision, please consider the following:

There’s Nothing New Under the Sun

Music gives the audio illusion of novelty and originality. However, there is truly nothing new under the sun. Sounds are not created, but manipulated until they mirror reverberations composers have in their heads…and where do those sounds come from? You guessed it, from other sounds individuals have heard in their lifetime. So, although your favorite composer may be incredibly talented and innovative, there just isn’t any real way to reinvent the wheel.  One can argue popular genres such as hip-hop and country are simultaneously depicted to be the most unoriginal yet innovative genres in existence. How can this be?

It’s a Game of Hit and Miss

Now, I don’t want to over-romanticize the art of remaking as some spiritual manifestation of ancient sound without acknowledging that some…perhaps even many artists flat out get it wrong. We’ve all heard a simply appalling remix/ remake that left us annoyed at the laziness and sheer audacity of some of even our most esteemed artists. This makes it all too apparent that with the boldness to experiment, must also come a level of synchronicity, magic even. The right (or wrong) remake can either catapult you to stardom or eclipse your nova altogether as a successful remake is the proverbial instance of lightening striking twice.

Take it for What it’s Worth

Many artists who remake or remix songs are doing so to pay homage as well as introduce a new audience to some of the greatest music from the past. Do not assume all cover bands are talentless hacks or that all fusion based artists are geniuses, neither is necessarily true. Rather, artistry is open to interpretation, and many of the most creative composers are heavily influenced by the music of others. Some set out to create something that has never been done, others prefer to borrow from their favorites, and others still occupy the grey area in between. For example of an act who has gotten it right, see: “Waiting In Vain” a Bob Marley cover by Joy Moonbay of Terzasfera!

Venus L

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