‘Wow’ by Ty Showers

For a slice of upbeat uniqueness check out ‘Wow’ by Ty Showers! A dubstep, electronic, jazzy fusion of amazing proportions, Ty Showers continues to top himself by consistently bringing us cool and unusual music. Music Lover’s Tip: Play this one on your best headphones or speakers…the drums really do give a good thump!

Lyric-less and rhythmic, this track is all groove. Indeed, this instrumentation is so spot on that it would likely take away from the tracks had lyrics been added in. Despite the lack of lyrics, the track in conjunction with promotional picture seem to tell the story of a man who is simply smitten by the beauty of an unnamed woman…and decided to compose a song to speak to the awe inspired by her elegance.

A soundtrack of sorts, be sure to play this track every time you find yourself in a situation that is indescribably awesome. Whether it’s the beauty of a mysterious woman, the fact that you just got that long shot of a promotion, an amazing meal, a marriage proposal, or just an overall fantastic day…put this track on repeat and let Ty Showers speak for you. Indeed, we all have those moments in life that makes us go…’Wow’!

Venus L

‘Siano’ by Ty Showers

A jazz music fusion of epic proportions, ‘Siano’ by Ty Showers borrows sounds and instrumentation from an array of genres and marries them together effortlessly on one unorthodox track. This time birthed from a mixture of new school muses, old school gospel music memories (he literally played the first gospel riff he learned and used it as the basis for this) as well as his love for jazz and hip-hop, ‘Siano’, in its seamless splendor, shows what happens with a little instinct and lots of talent.

Hardly recognizable in terms of one genre or another, ‘Siano’ is a track that seems to demand to be felt rather than merely listened to. Commencing with a grandiose introduction that fluently flows into a rockin’ bass line, this is certainly an upbeat song intended to get your motor running. Loosely inspired by a track by soulful powerhouse Anthony Hamilton, this track is intended to bestow sounds that incite smiles all across the globe.

Use this track as a quick pick-me-up for anyone who may be feeling down and can’t figure out how to get out of it. Or play it when you’re feeling grateful for life in general and need a backing track to enhance your celebration. Indeed, there’s nothing comparable to the relief felt from just sitting around, enjoying life, and playing the ‘Siano’.

Venus L


Bread and Circuses: Music as a Reflection of the Times

Music is definitely a reflection of the time in which it is produced. I will examine and primarily focus on America’s most influential genres; Blues, Jazz, R&B, Rock, and Hip-Hop. Blues is a direct descendant of old work songs that slaves often sung in the cotton and sugar cane fields, has influenced just about every genre of modern music, from the somber and sometimes grim lyrics filled with self-pity, or the actual musical structure of the Blues. Looking back, the lyrics of these songs often were about being cheated on, missing home, being penniless, or generally feeling worthless and low. Their songs attempted to identify with other people who may listen and find themselves in similar circumstances. Time progressed and Jazz started as New Orleans street music, which quickly gained in popularity across the country.

When Jazz became more than street music and attracted reputable and renown performers, the identity of these performers became not unlike the mythical lone cowboy, reveling in his uniqueness and self-reliance, his utter coolness standing above everyone else. Along comes R&B and this cult of personality we saw in the Jazz era is still applied heavily to individual performers, but the formula and content of the songs are almost identical to Blues. Rock hits America like a sack of delightful bricks in the late 50’s, and a mythical individual archetype really takes off and influences all these genres.

Rock and Roll artists dressed to impress, had impeccable hair, and all the ladies wanted to be with them. Songs became more about the artists’ overwhelming awesomeness, and how great they were at playing their instruments, or singing their songs. Fast forward to the late 70’s and 80’s, and you’ll find the foundations of Hip-Hop are all about wearing the right clothing, accessories, jewelry, and bragging about one’s capabilities, possessions and most important, money.

Today, you’ll notice people seem to be much more interested in the wacky hijinks of Pop stars instead of their ability to sing, dance, or whatever their talent requires them to do. The appearance and behavior of these Pop stars on stage and in the newspapers is now what is of most importance to push sales. The content of the songs is often braggadocios and aims to establish the artist as a lone rebel amongst a sea of conformists.

My perspective, this period of music we have been trapped in for over a decade is the worst this country has ever endured. I’m not sure if we can pull ourselves out of this funk, but I have a feeling that the poor quality of the music is inextricably tied to the horrible economy. In the 70’s, when the economy wasn’t doing so great, Disco was quite popular and was viewed with the same scorn as Pop is today.

Alas, maybe there is still hope for the future of music.


Bradford Nims

‘Kenya Love’ by Ty Showers

Take a walk on the wild side with “Kenya Love” by Ty Showers. A funky, jazz fusion that toys with the usage of tempo throughout, this track is definitely nothing like other new age jazz fusions. Simultaneously fresh and novel, with a distinct throw-back/vintage feel, this tune gives off a contemporary, but timeless vibe.

Seasoned with an array of wild, jazzy improvisations, “Kenya Love” is an uninhibited glimpse into jazz-fusion music. The track is treacherous to the ears, yet tender to the touch. Whilst wavering between passionate, almost lustful, rapid segments, and slow, sensual, soothing lulls, Showers manages to tread the line of sheer awesomeness.

The perfect soundtrack for snuggling or wrecking a room, “Kenya Love” taps into our modern concept of love, and our primal urges. Highly dichotomous, this piece seems to argue with itself. Shifting between a more classical vibe and an urban or even indigenous feel, the tune encompasses the complexities of beautiful music.

An overall fierce work of art, “Kenya Love” contrasts a plethora of sounds and emotions. Listen and fall in love…or lust. Whichever you prefer.

Venus L

‘On The Road’ by Ty Showers

Ever feel like you need an escape that you just can’t afford?! Whether it’s due to time or monetary constraints, we’ve all been there. Listen to ‘On The Road’ by Ty Showers and get away…at least for a little while. An experimental jazz fusion with an excellent bass solo, what else could you possibly need to break away from the monotony of you day?!

Just You and the Open Road…

So, you may not be able to get away from that life of yours right this minute…but you can certainly feel like you have! Imagine, for a moment, you’re driving, alone, on a wide open road. Trees are plentiful, the sun is everywhere, an abundance of beauty and wildlife, and you…just thinking. Your mind is clear, your heart is light, you think of the many reasons your life is awesome and smile your brightest smile…such a beautiful, simplistic ambiance.

On The Road Again…

Beginning with a mellow, an almost melancholy introduction, the most alluring part of this song is its slow progression into an overall happier vibe. It’s as though the track is written from the viewpoint of someone who takes a drive to contemplate the many ills of life. However, after a little time to think, he or she realizes life is beautiful as is. Culminating in the elegant, string-filled bridge, the track itself seems to guide your journey through darkness, ultimately planting it in the sunniest place. The track then quietly tapers off leaving listeners with a new sense of joy and appreciation.

Life got you down?? Take a ride in the sunshine with Ty Showers!

Venus L

‘About You’ by Ty Showers

Tired of being tethered to the whim of others and need to cut loose? Treat yourself to some feel-good music by Ty Showers! An impressive mix of jazz, funk, and EDM, “About You” is a futuristic-feeling tune. A highly groovy yet jazzy track, “About You” is sure to charm and soothe those who achieve a sense of release through music.

Awesome synths peppered with grandiose, echoing NASA control tower vocals, this track brings jazz fusion music to all new heights. With amazing guitar riffs and an EDM infused undertone, this piece is great for rocking, or even mellowing out. A big-band feel, with new age, electronic ambience, the horns on this track simultaneously take a glimpse into the past and present of jazz fusion music.

A splendid soundtrack for a small, in-house get-together, or a song that can incite excitement for a night out on the town, “About You” stays true to its title. A canorous chameleon of sorts, the meaning and overall goal of this track seems to change depending on who’s listening to it. Laugh, yell, jump, scream, or remain silent and listen.

“About You” provides a soundtrack to life’s little adventures. Forget what anyone else wants. Play this track to get in touch with your inner, interested self. Indeed, no matter who you are or what you do, you are the center of someone’s universe. Revel in this fact!

Right now, it’s all “About You!”

Venus L

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