Love songs

‘Vikki (Do You Hear Me)’ by Ty Showers

Do you ever need a smooth, mellow, romantic song to help put you in the mood? Look no further! Sing of love and lust with Ty Showers’, ‘Vikki (Do You Hear Me). A beautifully written/ performed track, this song brings us more of the Ty Showers that we have come to know and love. An r&b love song, Ty Showers is on a mission to prove that r&b love music is still relevant today.

A clean, crisp intro, the track begins as though we are being gently called to attention. A bell-filled delight, this track seems to charm the softer side of all who listen to it. The track then takes off when Showers chimes in vocally with lyrics that prove that deep, profound odes to women are not dead. Melodic from beginning to end, the marriage between Showers’ vocals and his instrumentation are air tight in this piece. Culminating in the horn section, this song plays like a grand ‘ole dream…

Lyrically a bit racy, this track is certainly not suitable for children…but it may help assist in their creation. Play this with care and make very certain the sound is contained! A proverbial Love Potion No. 9, Taliferro Music will not be held liable for any actions and subsequent consequences brought on by this song. That being said, enjoy like you’ve never enjoyed before!

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‘My Sugar’ by Ty Showers

Sometimes love seems to sing us the sweetest melodies…get a taste of the real thing with ‘My Sugar’ by Ty Showers. A sensual r&b/slow jam, this track is the stuff that creates sweet dreams as well as tasty memories.

Simultaneously about love at first sight and unadulterated lust, this track is one that is rather relatable to most human adults. With smooth, romantic-feeling instrumentation and calming, vocals to match, this track is a proverbial love spell for those who are already feeling spellbound. The tune essentially takes on the tone of a man who is trying to both woo and romance his object of affection. Though he is clearly in the mood to get physical, he also makes it very clear that he has strong feelings for his lady that go far beyond his sexual desires. A bit of a throwback to the love songs of yore, this is song outlines a moment in time in which a man is putting his pride aside in order to offer admiration and some may even say a bit of worship to his lady-love and the power of the female form overall.

Clearly not your average love song, (especially in this day and age) this, and other tracks like this, are the crux of what makes Ty Showers’ tracks so different from most mainstream music. Not only are his instrumentals timeless, but so are the messages of each song. Sing and dance of true love, and let Ty Showers be your guide…how sweet!

Venus L

‘All I Need is You’ by Ty Showers

Laud for life and love with a track made specifically for those filled with fondness for another. ‘All I Need is You’ by Ty Showers is one such track; brimming with the patented r&b fusion-sound Showers is quickly becoming known for. Part r&b, part soul, this song is 100% lovey-dovey goodness.

A funky, festive intro, this tune quickly unfolds into the love ode its title promised it to be. A serenading Showers immediately delves deeply into a love story of epic proportions. The artist renounces his need for most worldly pleasures asserting that the love of his life is all he truly needs to be happy.

‘I don’t need no fancy car
I don’t need to be a star
I don’t want what you bought
I don’t want any THOTS

(All I need Is You).

Clearly contemporary lyrics with a timeless arrangement and sound, this track is for couples of all ages and backgrounds. Not for the faint at heart, this track is for proud lovers. Those who have and will continue to fight for something that we are constantly being told is overrated, or even a thing of the past. This is for those who believe in relationships of longevity in lieu of instant gratification via the ‘hook-up’ culture of present-day society.

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‘If You Want Me To’ by Ty Showers

Got a need for some neo-soul?! Get your fix with Ty Showers’, “If You Want Me To”. An R&B/soul/love music fusion, this track is a throwback to what real love songs are all about! Experimentally trippy, this song has an undeniable sincere quality.

Beautifully crafted, the track opens with a smooth, mellow intro that slowly flows into an unpredictable, melodic journey of slight familiarity. This tune is the epitome of genuine soul music. That is to say, music that can be felt, but also makes you feel good; love and comfort.

Definitely for the love birds in the world, this tune reaches into the crevices of the depth of love, draws, and releases its essence. This song is for the lovers, lusters, snugglers, and cuddlers. Those who have either finally found love…or refuse to ever stop looking until they do. Regardless of where you fall on the spectrum of love, this track is here to remind you of its possibility.

Around every corner, under every bed, hidden in a song, love lives. You likely know that, but let Ty Showers serve as your everlasting reminder. Well, only if you want him to…

Venus L

‘Can I Be With You’ by Ty Showers

Some say love songs are a lost art. Indeed, with the radio waves chock full of overly sexualized, instant gratification driven content, many believe that true love may be a thing of the past. Not so much! Take a trip into the realm of true lovers with Ty Showers’, “Can I Be With You.” R&B, quiet storm, and slowjammy, this track puts a refreshing spin on those allegedly love-ladened genres rumored to be a thing of the past.

Beginning with a jazzy, almost blues infused introduction, Showers quickly ordains the tune with his passionately profound vocal stylings and lyrics. Sweet, sensual, and sexual, this track shows the difference between love and lust without explicitly addressing either concept. Written from the voice of a man who wants to be intimate with the love of his life in every sense of the word, this track playfully and repeatedly spells out the many things that we as humans desire when we are truly in love.

“Squeezing you, Touching you, Holding you, Feeling you, Loving you, Kissing you, Teasing you, Being with you…”  ~Ty Showers

Simplistic lyrics, yet they effortlessly encompass what true love is. Touching, but not just touching, feeling, but not just feeling, this track illustrates the fact that a man in love will be satisfied with merely being in the presence of his object of affection. Sex, of course, being a healthy form of expression between two loving adults, is not to be labeled taboo. Rather, it is to be celebrated. ‘Can I Be With You’ is a track that does just that.

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