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‘Wow’ by Ty Showers

For a slice of upbeat uniqueness check out ‘Wow’ by Ty Showers! A dubstep, electronic, jazzy fusion of amazing proportions, Ty Showers continues to top himself by consistently bringing us cool and unusual music. Music Lover’s Tip: Play this one on your best headphones or speakers…the drums really do give a good thump!

Lyric-less and rhythmic, this track is all groove. Indeed, this instrumentation is so spot on that it would likely take away from the tracks had lyrics been added in. Despite the lack of lyrics, the track in conjunction with promotional picture seem to tell the story of a man who is simply smitten by the beauty of an unnamed woman…and decided to compose a song to speak to the awe inspired by her elegance.

A soundtrack of sorts, be sure to play this track every time you find yourself in a situation that is indescribably awesome. Whether it’s the beauty of a mysterious woman, the fact that you just got that long shot of a promotion, an amazing meal, a marriage proposal, or just an overall fantastic day…put this track on repeat and let Ty Showers speak for you. Indeed, we all have those moments in life that makes us go…’Wow’!

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Genre-Less Society

Genre-Less Society: Is Music Slowly Headed Towards the Merging of All Genres?


If you have been following the progression of music over the past few decades, you likely recognize the fact that many styles of music have changed drastically in comparison with the past. Hip Hop, for example, has gotten much more pop-oriented, while Pop is more often than not infused with Hip Hop. In short, many music genres have been altered to include elements of other genres; the music industry has become a melting pot of sorts.

Methods to Madness…?

Of course, these types of changes seem to occur naturally and automatically…but could there also be a method to the madness? I certainly believe so. Besides incorporating elements of one genre into another for the sake of album sales, I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out why this may be an awesome time to help incite the unification of the world at large.

In essence, music is universal. Over the years, we’ve seen a plethora of remote, non-English speaking bands or groups, come out of seemingly nowhere, and take the world by storm. This proves that you needn’t understand the language in which music is written to still feel the music. Thus, many diverse groups of people around the world are brought together only by music; pretty potent stuff! Keeping that in mind, ponder for a moment what it will be like when most of the world’s music is unable to be classified by genre?

When you don’t even know if it’s Hip-Hop or Country…or Rock or Pop…but you enjoy it just the same. We as humans tend to separate ourselves based upon our common and/or differing interests. Music being such a vital element to everyone, is it not possible to have the world simultaneously singing about peace and love in one, unified anthem fusion? I’d say it’s more than likely, it’s already in the works! If you listen to the radio, you’ll notice that there are very few stations that have tracks which are exclusive to a particular station.

Rather, most mainstream music is readily played on stations said to be strictly Hip Hop, Rock, etc. There is almost no way to totally avoid this new age of Pop music…as it contains elements of virtually every other genre at one point, or another.

Peruse through our catalog and check out Terzasfera, Kerboo, Calima Shatiday, Ty Showers, etc., and see if you don’t get a worldly feel from these artists who exist in very different areas of the globe.

Taliferro Music is ready to help spark a new age music revolution! Join us?

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Top 5

Top 5 Places You Should Never Listen to Kerboo


OK, now that we are clear on the fact that #KlubKerboo is indeed the future, it is equally important to note that with this great power of music, comes great responsibility. Of course, it’s a matter of time before Kerboo’s music is freely spinning around the world, but until then, we must listen responsibly. Allow me to present to you…

The Top 5 Places You Should Never Listen to Kerboo

5. Church—Perhaps you could sneak in a few of his tracks at a secular wedding ceremony or something…but for the most part, Kerboo’s super steamy lover’s music is probably better left out of God’s pews. I mean, I’m not exactly sure what happens when a bunch of devoutly religious people simultaneously “get in the mood,” but suffice to say, I don’t really want to find out. Not sexy!

4. Around Platonic Friends—OK, this is kind of a no-brainer, for those of us who actually have them. In case this isn’t you, Kerboo’s grown and sexy music is intended to set a mood for lovers. If you’re not trying to set a mood, it would behoove you to play something else as you will only be sending mixed signals to the mixed-up individual who is futilely trying to woo you. “Gosh, maybe he is interested after all. We’ve been listening to Kerboo for hours…”

3. During a Break-up—To piggy back off number 4, playing Kerboo during a break-up is the ultimate mark of mixed-messaging. You are likely to confuse or even anger a soon to be ex by playing such beautiful music whilst giving them their walking papers. They may be expecting you to make it official while you’re just trying to make it officially over. Turn off the radio and play it when they leave…but if they’re within earshot, please for the love of God, make sure it’s not “South Side Flair!”

2. Office Parties—You don’t love your coworkers, you likely don’t even like them. So, you don’t want to listen to such potent love music around them. I mean, some tracks are cool for a midday playlist. However, on Friday at your local watering hole, that little cutie who has been giving you the eye may just decide the time is now and make his or her move if certain tracks are playing. You of course will also be powerless to this audio love potion…which could ultimately leave one of you on maternity leave nine months later. Please consider your futures!

1. “Gangsta” Parties—Look, gangsters don’t like love, and they’re not about to start today. Sure, most have a softer side that the rest of the world may never get to see, but that is the point…we’re not supposed to see their softer sides. Don’t go bursting into house parties trying to rep with #KlubKerboo merch. We do not yet have a deployable militia, and will not at all be held accountable for any subsequently arising issues.
Overall, there is honestly never a bad time to listen to Kerboo. On the other hand, it is not always the best time to recruit those around you into #KlubKerboo. Trust me, there will be plenty of time for that…

Venus L

Top 5

Top 5 Reasons Kerboo is Cooler than Your Favorite Artist

So, in the name of fair and balanced media, some artists are just far more awe-inspiring than others. Not to say some are any more or less talented. Rather, they have a certain swagger; a certain je ne sais quoi that effortlessly sets them apart from the rest. Kerboo, with his rugged individualism and consistent need to shake up the status quo is an excellent example. Let’s review the top 5 reasons Kerboo is definitely cooler than your favorite artist…

5. He has his own club – This is not a physical location, which would be too typical. Klub Kerboo is an experience; a movement mobilized by the artist, and his drive to reach and help uplift others. Perhaps likened to mature “Little Monsters” or “Beliebers,” these fans stop at nothing to defend their leader.

4. Sex Sells – If you’ve heard his super sensual and seductive tracks “Only You” and “Doing the Nasty,” you already know a Kerboo album will set the mood. With indescribably erotic sounds and tones, the sex appeal of Kerboo’s music is undeniable.

3. Mystifying music fusions – As aforementioned, Kerboo’s tracks have an enchanting quality that cannot easily be summed up into words. This quality is the reason people keep coming back, and what better way to remember how his music makes you feel than to enjoy the experience again and again.

2. Man of few words – Yes, Kerboo is a regular international man of mystery. Rather than focusing his efforts on lyrics, he focuses on giving his listeners an experience. Something intangible yet delectable as the music invades our senses and dances on our emotions.

1. One interesting name – Cher, Beyonce, Prince, Kerboo. A name packed with star quality, is it not? Seriously though, the one name thing is something not many male artists are able to pull off. However, Kerboo is more than ready to live up to the legend of the one-named hype.

On the whole, certainly you may argue the contrary (unless of course you’re a Klub Kerboo member), but that is what a good fan is supposed to do. The truth is Kerboo is just one hell of a name…it just…is!

Venus L

This Time by Kerboo

Single Spotlight: “This Time” by Kerboo

Greetings, music lovers! This week we’re looking at Kerboo’s “This Time” off of his latest release, “Only You.”

About the Track

A track perfect for cuddling up with your favorite #KlubKerboo member, or even as a solo sleepy time soundtrack, Kerboo’s track “This Time” is a magically mellow tune that beautifully captures a moment of melancholy, using it to soothe and groove listeners. As with all of this artist’s tracks, the tune tells a mini-epic tale within minutes. Beginning with a few somber-sounding chords, the track quickly tapers off into a rhythmic, yet smooth and soothingly soulful story that both captures sadness and sensuality; a complex tale that sails amidst a moving few minutes of unnamed ups and downs.

Also, as per usual, Kerboo does not stick to the typical methods of song composition. Rather, his musical moments seem to start slowly and steadily build into a track that climaxes and collectively releases its gasps via the sound of the artist’s smooth and sensual vocals. This leaves listeners in an indescribably relaxing mood as there is no real way to relay the impression that the song leaves on the soul, in words.

When to Listen

As aforementioned, this track can be used to help sweeten the suite of lovers, or even to soothe a solo psyche…but when else can you enjoy this track? This tune can be used to satisfy and help improve almost any mood. Rather than capturing your full attention by demanding the full focus required to study and listen to the lyrical content of the song, this track allows minds to wander off and slowly settle into a lighter and less intense mood by the time the track comes to completion.

Overall, #KlubKerboo is a place to celebrate, create, and commiserate. Just because you’re not in the mood to party, doesn’t mean you can’t jam!