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‘Vikki (Do You Hear Me)’ by Ty Showers

Do you ever need a smooth, mellow, romantic song to help put you in the mood? Look no further! Sing of love and lust with Ty Showers’, ‘Vikki (Do You Hear Me). A beautifully written/ performed track, this song brings us more of the Ty Showers that we have come to know and love. An r&b love song, Ty Showers is on a mission to prove that r&b love music is still relevant today.

A clean, crisp intro, the track begins as though we are being gently called to attention. A bell-filled delight, this track seems to charm the softer side of all who listen to it. The track then takes off when Showers chimes in vocally with lyrics that prove that deep, profound odes to women are not dead. Melodic from beginning to end, the marriage between Showers’ vocals and his instrumentation are air tight in this piece. Culminating in the horn section, this song plays like a grand ‘ole dream…

Lyrically a bit racy, this track is certainly not suitable for children…but it may help assist in their creation. Play this with care and make very certain the sound is contained! A proverbial Love Potion No. 9, Taliferro Music will not be held liable for any actions and subsequent consequences brought on by this song. That being said, enjoy like you’ve never enjoyed before!

Venus L

‘My Sugar’ by Ty Showers

Sometimes love seems to sing us the sweetest melodies…get a taste of the real thing with ‘My Sugar’ by Ty Showers. A sensual r&b/slow jam, this track is the stuff that creates sweet dreams as well as tasty memories.

Simultaneously about love at first sight and unadulterated lust, this track is one that is rather relatable to most human adults. With smooth, romantic-feeling instrumentation and calming, vocals to match, this track is a proverbial love spell for those who are already feeling spellbound. The tune essentially takes on the tone of a man who is trying to both woo and romance his object of affection. Though he is clearly in the mood to get physical, he also makes it very clear that he has strong feelings for his lady that go far beyond his sexual desires. A bit of a throwback to the love songs of yore, this is song outlines a moment in time in which a man is putting his pride aside in order to offer admiration and some may even say a bit of worship to his lady-love and the power of the female form overall.

Clearly not your average love song, (especially in this day and age) this, and other tracks like this, are the crux of what makes Ty Showers’ tracks so different from most mainstream music. Not only are his instrumentals timeless, but so are the messages of each song. Sing and dance of true love, and let Ty Showers be your guide…how sweet!

Venus L

‘It’s Cool’ by Ty Showers

Do you ever need to just relax and mellow out?! Of course you do! Take a chill pill with one of Ty Showers’ latest jazz fusions, ‘It’s Cool’! Soothing and lyric-free, this is the kind of track you can play virtually anywhere there’s someone who could benefit from some extra relaxation.

Mellow and melodic, this is the stuff relief is made of. A far cry from his love ballads and dance tracks, Ty Showers’ seemingly crafted this tune to be the perfect place to seek refuge when the world is making you hot and bothered. A lovely ethereal ambiance as well as a nice jazzy undertone, this new classic is just dreamy.


An instance of stress relief, it feels like a cold glass of delicious lemonade slowly flowing down your throat on a scorching summer’s day. Play this track when you need to balance out the burning in your life. If you are feeling upset, sad, lonely, depressed, or just a bit under the weather, this track will lift you out of your funk and remind you to stop and taste the iced tea on the road of life. Regardless of the initial source of discomfort this track is sure to provide some relief and maybe even a slight smile…at least for a little while.

Venus L

New Artist Watch: ‘The Proposition’ Produced by Ju-Ke Ft. 4POUND

In case you are not familiar with one of Taliferro Music’s latest artists, Ju-Ke…where have you been?! He’s an extremely versatile musician with a niche in the coveted underground, gritty feeling, real hip-hop music scene. Ju-Ke has been making noise since 2007.

The Tracks…

With an impressive catalog, the beat maker is already preparing to leave quite a legacy. Specializing in intricate compositions, and crafting an array of multifaceted tracks, he began his stint as a Hip-Hop centered composer after coming across rapper, 4POUND. Often compared with the old school Hip-Hop music that many still prefer to the mainstream Rap of today, this dude definitely creates crowd moving tunes.

“The Proposition”

Simply, a dope track. Listening to this track almost gives the feeling that you’ve stumbled into a time warp. Highly lyrical with a genuine message, this is the stuff most choosy Hip-Hop heads go crazy for. Abstract feeling strings, awesome percussions, in tandem with a haunting female vocal sample, make Hip-Hop lovers take note. Comparable to an old Mobb Deep standard, Ju-Ke’s production in conjunction with the talented M.C. 4POUND is a match made in Hip-Hop heaven! Have a listen, and sound-off in the comments!

Is Ju-Ke’s throwback-esque production the future of music?

Venus L

‘A Day Off’ by Ty Showers

You’ve been working too hard…take a trip with Ty Showers and rejuvenate your mood! A laidback Jazz fusion studded with some intense moments to get your energy going, “A Day Off” is a proverbial holiday in a music track. Refreshingly calming with just a smidge of vitality, this tune is perfect for those moments in which your brain needs a break.

The track begins with an energetic and heavily horn-imbued introduction. Then, it slowly transitions and fades off into some beautifully improvised string work, which culminates in a fusion of the two, before fading away altogether into some impressive bass work. A tune that allows for rest, relaxation, contemplation, as well as a bit of head-bobbing, this track is vital to the overly stressed desk worker who needs to momentarily unwind. Equally important, the stay-at-home mother who desperately needs a moment to herself will appreciate a mood-boosting melody.

Above all, this track was crafted by Ty Showers to help listeners channel and release an array of frustrations. Almost as soothing as it is jovial, “A Day Off” can help you find your calm in the middle of a chaotic day. Life certainly isn’t all sunshine and roses, but take a trip with Showers and see if you start seeing your glass as half full, rather than empty. Music is nothing more than an audio extension of our most intangible emotions. When it comes to crafting and fusing these ethereal elements of our lives, Showers is in a league of his own. Let the music take you and enjoy the journey. We could all use “A Day Off!”

Venus L

‘If You Want Me To’ by Ty Showers

Got a need for some neo-soul?! Get your fix with Ty Showers’, “If You Want Me To”. An R&B/soul/love music fusion, this track is a throwback to what real love songs are all about! Experimentally trippy, this song has an undeniable sincere quality.

Beautifully crafted, the track opens with a smooth, mellow intro that slowly flows into an unpredictable, melodic journey of slight familiarity. This tune is the epitome of genuine soul music. That is to say, music that can be felt, but also makes you feel good; love and comfort.

Definitely for the love birds in the world, this tune reaches into the crevices of the depth of love, draws, and releases its essence. This song is for the lovers, lusters, snugglers, and cuddlers. Those who have either finally found love…or refuse to ever stop looking until they do. Regardless of where you fall on the spectrum of love, this track is here to remind you of its possibility.

Around every corner, under every bed, hidden in a song, love lives. You likely know that, but let Ty Showers serve as your everlasting reminder. Well, only if you want him to…

Venus L

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