party music

‘Friday’ by Ty Showers

Sing along and celebrate the best day of the week with Ty Showers’ brand spankin’ new track, ‘Friday’! A rhythmic, soul-funk fusion of sorts, this track surely has something in it for every working stiff that has been waiting all week to just…cut loose.

Told from the voice of a man who is both excited and saddened by the notion of Friday nights and what they represent, there is an interesting dichotomy to this track that is nothing less than intriguing. One the one hand, the lyrics continuously chant and celebrate the many reasons why Fridays are so great (i.e. having time to have a few drinks, listen to music, and pick up sexy women). On the other hand, the lyrics also point to a downside of Fridays (or just weekends in general), the fact that he is single and has no wife/ family to share such an awesome time with. However the track is not at all bleek and nevertheless, the singer concludes that he will definitely enjoy the ‘hunt’ in the meantime…

Simply put, this song is a slice of amusement. Short and sweet, it’s the perfect ode to those times in life in which you are highly excited just to have time to relax, unwind, and meet new people. However, not at all for the prudish, play this song if and only if you are in fact, ‘trying to get some’… #TGIF!

Venus L

‘My Belief’ by Ty Showers

Need a groove-funk pick-me-up?! Just believe! Indeed, they say real music is dead but Ty Showers will certainly make a believer out of you! A funky fusion of sorts, this is one of those feel-good tracks that the vast majority of the family can groove to.

More of a sing-along song than a serious composition, ‘My Belief’ is a refreshingly fun track that captures your attention from the very beginning. A stark variation from his usual song arrangement style, Showers almost completely forgoes the usual instrument-filled intro instead plunging directly into his chant-like lyrics. A far cry from his more socially conscious music, this tune is solely about letting loose and having fun.

Apparently jovial from the utterance of the first lyric, this ambiance is driven home with the super groovy underlying instrumental. An awesome build-up, the tune starts slow and steadily escalates from there. The track ultimately culminates in Showers crooning a repetitious call to act…specifically for partiers. Rather than segwaying into some super serious message, Showers stays true to the track, inviting listeners to hit the dance floor and partake in the usage of various vices.

Play this track at your next get together and watch the party Gods smile upon you. You’re never too old or successful to let loose…just believe!

Venus L

‘I Like to Party’ by Ty Showers

Party people, this one is for you! An electric, R&B, funk-filled fusion complete with fun lyrics, “I Like to Party” by Ty Showers is the ultimate party track! Fresh and exciting, yet reminiscent of Motown-esque dance tracks, this tune has the makings of something truly timeless. An ode to all things fun, “I Like to Party” is a track perfect for nights of fun and folly.

The tune begins with a funky, electronic intro fused with interesting drum patterns, which are immediately followed by a crooning Showers. He sings about the many different ways he likes to party, or “turn up,” as the younger generation says. Whether it’s playing a guitar, riding around in limousines or anything in between, Ty Showers likes to party and he’s hoping you do, too!

Keeping in touch with his unusual song arrangement style, this track alternates between a singing Showers and funky dance breaks. All elements are held together by the repetitious nature of the track; including the refrain, “I Like to Party.” More of a call to action than a regular party track, Showers is creating an ambiance with this song that makes it virtually impossible not to party.

If you’re new or old school, the track is sure to charm the partier in you. Life is crazy at times, sometimes you just need to unwind…that’s where music comes in. Ty Showers has a track for almost anything. Laugh, cry, love, contempt, it’s all a part of life…but today…today we party!

Venus L