‘Vikki (Do You Hear Me)’ by Ty Showers

Do you ever need a smooth, mellow, romantic song to help put you in the mood? Look no further! Sing of love and lust with Ty Showers’, ‘Vikki (Do You Hear Me). A beautifully written/ performed track, this song brings us more of the Ty Showers that we have come to know and love. An r&b love song, Ty Showers is on a mission to prove that r&b love music is still relevant today.

A clean, crisp intro, the track begins as though we are being gently called to attention. A bell-filled delight, this track seems to charm the softer side of all who listen to it. The track then takes off when Showers chimes in vocally with lyrics that prove that deep, profound odes to women are not dead. Melodic from beginning to end, the marriage between Showers’ vocals and his instrumentation are air tight in this piece. Culminating in the horn section, this song plays like a grand ‘ole dream…

Lyrically a bit racy, this track is certainly not suitable for children…but it may help assist in their creation. Play this with care and make very certain the sound is contained! A proverbial Love Potion No. 9, Taliferro Music will not be held liable for any actions and subsequent consequences brought on by this song. That being said, enjoy like you’ve never enjoyed before!

Venus L

‘Time To Bust Out The Romance’ by Ty Showers

For a funky good time bust out that Ty Showers and blast one of his latest music fusions, ‘Time To Bust Out The Romance’! A deep house, uptempo dance driven masterpiece, this track sounds amazing blaring out of any speaker.

A fun and funky way to celebrate love, lust, and life this track fully encompasses the carefree spirit associated with the early stages of love and attraction. Simultaneously deep and slightly superficial, this track does an excellent job at displaying the stark contrast of finding the miracle of love whilst going about mundane, daily activities. Furthermore, the vibe of this track also treads the line between throwback and new age making it a candid song that can be enjoyed by almost any age.

This track is for the young and young at heart. For those who remember meeting the love of their life as though it was yesterday (maybe it was) because everyday they fall all over again. For those who know love will never be out of style and are so thrilled they dance about it. Play this when you’re so in love you can’t contain it. Let the love of your life know you’re gonna charm them out of their pants and it’s ‘Time To Bust Out The Romance’!

Venus L