‘Take This Crack Head’ by Ty Showers ft. Kathleen D. Shaw

Try something different today and listen to ‘Take This Crack Head’ by Ty Showers featuring Kathleen D. Shaw…it’s bound to be one of the more interesting moments of your day! A rare Ty Showers collaboration, this track does an amazing job of marrying spoken-word poetry with awesomely crafted instrumentation.

A candid track that deals with the subject of addiction and its many associated issues, this is the kind of eye-opening track that can take the world by storm. Thought provoking and purposeful, this song effortlessly tackles a taboo topic that most artists tend to stay away from at all costs due to its sheer deplorability. Impressively, the duo managed to make it both complex and catchy making it the perfect track to handle such a delicate subject matter. Reminiscent of the James Brown era (in which issues like this were routinely discussed and written about), this track does an excellent job at giving the listeners something that is both current and timeless.

The track itself is a hit even before the lyrics are heard. A smooth yet funky rhythm and blues groove that seems to have been crafted just for the purpose of inciting thought-provoking poetry and lyrics. Kathleen D. Shaw more than captures the essence of the track, she improves upon it. No, this is not your ordinary r&b song…but that’s why you’re here…No? Take this ‘Take This Crack Head’ track and play it wherever people need to have open dialogue and be entertained at the very same time…

Venus L