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‘Runnin” by Ty Showers

Need to get away?! Run away with Ty Showers’ latest trippy, funky, r&b fusion, ‘Runnin”!  Far from your conventional r&b tracks this tune is a journey from beginning to end. Indeed, from the up tempo groove of the track, to the exciting narrative that unfolds through the lyrics, this track is bound to capture and keep your scattered focus.

A story told through the lens of a paranoid man who is down on his luck in virtually every aspect of his life and thus feels the need to escape the plethora of mounting pressures, this piece is the perfect song to play when you’re all but wishing your life away. Upbeat and exciting, this track comes across as more of a cinematic thriller set to music than just your average song.

We all have those moments in which life gets overwhelming. Next time never hesitate to click play on this track and get away! Play this track when you are just praying for a new life…or just trying to find a way to wiggle out of your present one. Use this track as an audio reminder that no matter how ostracized you feel, you are never alone. Let this song act as your personal pick-me-up….or your getaway music, whichever you prefer.

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‘Emotional Tale’ by Ty Showers

Ever feel so hopelessly trapped in your own sappy emotions that you can’t ever foresee a feasible way out?! Listen to ‘Emotional Tale’ by Ty Showers and let you emo flag fly! An epic R&b/ slowjam, story set to an amazing auditory backdrop; a slew of samples and sounds perfectly strewn onto a blank, weightless canvas, this track just flows…

An awesome, almost soul-piercing introduction is what brings this track to life.Filled with interesting drum patterns and equally eclectic harmonies and melodies, this is the type of song you’ll need to hear at least twice..for the first time. A tale about a man and woman who succumb to their lusty desires, this track is certainly not suitable for everyone. Nevertheless, most grown adults can relate to the meaning behind this track. Culminating in the chorus, the harmonious and highly melodic hook just moves us.

Not necessarily a track for the faint at heart, this song is for those who have experienced moments of extreme passions…whether they acted upon them, or not. Not at all a new phenomenon (though certainly more socially acceptable) many amorous relationships have begun (and even ended) based on the subject matter of this track. Listen in love…or lust, whichever you prefer.

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‘My Bass Can’t Find Love’ by Ty Showers

Do instruments have feelings too?! Listen to “My Bass Can’t Find Love” by Ty Showers and hear about how. A funky, bass filled fusion, that stands as the epitome of New Age music.

A song for all ages, this track is the perfect soundtrack for those who enjoy the innate rivalries amongst musicians and melodies. Music composed not only to entertain, but also to encourage introspection, this tune is perfect for those who enjoy a wide variety of live instrumentation. With intriguing melodies, unique drum patterns, as well as interesting combinations of harmonies and instruments, this track is sure to make it to your faves list.

Play this track when you need to jam! Like a group of musical gurus providing an impromptu concert in your living room, this tune shan’t disappoint. Play this when you need a release. Like a bass playing buddy with a knack for blues, this track with move and soothe you. Play this track when you need new music! Like a novelty item from your favorite foreign shop, it’s full of surprises. Indeed, Ty Showers’ bass can’t find love….but you just might, in this track.

Listen and let it soothe the groove in your soul…

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‘Need A Pick Me Up’ by Ty Showers

Ever had one of those days where you just can’t seem to get it together? The kind of day where no matter how much you try to put a smile on your own face, you end up sulking in some dark room choking back tears? You “Need A Pick Me Up!” Listen to one of Ty Showers’ latest music fusions and improve your mood. A SlowJam/R&B/Neo-Soul infused tune, this track has every element necessary to help you begin to feel better again.

Written through the lens of a man experiencing feelings of sadness and subsequent anger, and feels the only person who understands or provides any relief is the love of his life. “Need A Pick Me Up” is a track upon which most love birds of the universe can relate. A proverbial soul cry to his soul tie, this tune serves as a literal calling out to the person(s) who comfort your spirit without even having to say one word.

To the sad and temporarily depressed…it gets greater later! You don’t necessarily need to have a significant other to commiserate along with this track. If nothing else, let the song serve as motivation and inspiration. Take comfort in the fact that even one of the most versatile and positive musicians in the world has his off moments. Cheer up with this Showers’ exclusive!

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‘A Day Off’ by Ty Showers

You’ve been working too hard…take a trip with Ty Showers and rejuvenate your mood! A laidback Jazz fusion studded with some intense moments to get your energy going, “A Day Off” is a proverbial holiday in a music track. Refreshingly calming with just a smidge of vitality, this tune is perfect for those moments in which your brain needs a break.

The track begins with an energetic and heavily horn-imbued introduction. Then, it slowly transitions and fades off into some beautifully improvised string work, which culminates in a fusion of the two, before fading away altogether into some impressive bass work. A tune that allows for rest, relaxation, contemplation, as well as a bit of head-bobbing, this track is vital to the overly stressed desk worker who needs to momentarily unwind. Equally important, the stay-at-home mother who desperately needs a moment to herself will appreciate a mood-boosting melody.

Above all, this track was crafted by Ty Showers to help listeners channel and release an array of frustrations. Almost as soothing as it is jovial, “A Day Off” can help you find your calm in the middle of a chaotic day. Life certainly isn’t all sunshine and roses, but take a trip with Showers and see if you start seeing your glass as half full, rather than empty. Music is nothing more than an audio extension of our most intangible emotions. When it comes to crafting and fusing these ethereal elements of our lives, Showers is in a league of his own. Let the music take you and enjoy the journey. We could all use “A Day Off!”

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‘78392’ by Ty Showers

Calling All Single Ladies: For a great time call Ty Showers at “78392” Wait! So, not really…but in this fun Ty Showers instant-classic you can pretend. An R&B/ hip-hop/soul fusion of epic proportions, this tune is the fantasy of a lifetime for Showers’ Lovers. You’re given a free pass to have the singer at your beck and call…fulfilling your every desire.

A fanciful song that’s sure to chase your lonely blues away, “79382” is the type of track that will almost make you forget you’re single…almost. With his usual, unusual drum patterns and great piano work, in tandem with his smooth, flirty vocals, this track is made for sweet daydreams. A perfect mix of funk and soul, with a little something for everyone.

Not exactly a call to action; nevertheless, Showers’ song is sure to incite a good mood and get you scrolling through your contacts for someone to contact in reality. Fun and unforgettable, the track treads the line between classic and modern music. Flirty fun is just a phone call away.

Next time you’re in the mood, dial “78392.”

Venus L

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