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‘Get To Know You’ by Ty Showers

Have you ever met someone you were dying to get to know? Reminisce about your experience and sing along with Ty Showers to one of his latest music fusions, “Get To Know You.”

An R&B tune with elements of hip-hop and soul, “Get To Know You” is one of those tracks that virtually defies genre categorization. Rich in texture with some impressive percussion work, as well as electrifying piano playing, this track is definitely one for musical connoisseurs. Comforting yet creative, listen to this tune when you’ve just met a new potential “boo,” and are excited about the many unknowns that come along with a new love interest.

A playful track with some serious elements, which can be succinctly summed up with the following lyrics:


“I think that you’re the one
I want to call hun
Have some fun
Call the night done” ~Ty Showers

In other words, this is a song about a man who sees potential in a person he is laying eyes on for the first time. Not love at first sight per se. However, this track is more about being wrapped up in the possibilities, rather than reality (A person that you don’t yet know). “Get To Know You” is for everyone who believes love can be found everywhere, in an instant. We hope you fall head over heels into this song!

Venus L

‘If You Want Me To’ by Ty Showers

Got a need for some neo-soul?! Get your fix with Ty Showers’, “If You Want Me To”. An R&B/soul/love music fusion, this track is a throwback to what real love songs are all about! Experimentally trippy, this song has an undeniable sincere quality.

Beautifully crafted, the track opens with a smooth, mellow intro that slowly flows into an unpredictable, melodic journey of slight familiarity. This tune is the epitome of genuine soul music. That is to say, music that can be felt, but also makes you feel good; love and comfort.

Definitely for the love birds in the world, this tune reaches into the crevices of the depth of love, draws, and releases its essence. This song is for the lovers, lusters, snugglers, and cuddlers. Those who have either finally found love…or refuse to ever stop looking until they do. Regardless of where you fall on the spectrum of love, this track is here to remind you of its possibility.

Around every corner, under every bed, hidden in a song, love lives. You likely know that, but let Ty Showers serve as your everlasting reminder. Well, only if you want him to…

Venus L

‘Can I Be With You’ by Ty Showers

Some say love songs are a lost art. Indeed, with the radio waves chock full of overly sexualized, instant gratification driven content, many believe that true love may be a thing of the past. Not so much! Take a trip into the realm of true lovers with Ty Showers’, “Can I Be With You.” R&B, quiet storm, and slowjammy, this track puts a refreshing spin on those allegedly love-ladened genres rumored to be a thing of the past.

Beginning with a jazzy, almost blues infused introduction, Showers quickly ordains the tune with his passionately profound vocal stylings and lyrics. Sweet, sensual, and sexual, this track shows the difference between love and lust without explicitly addressing either concept. Written from the voice of a man who wants to be intimate with the love of his life in every sense of the word, this track playfully and repeatedly spells out the many things that we as humans desire when we are truly in love.

“Squeezing you, Touching you, Holding you, Feeling you, Loving you, Kissing you, Teasing you, Being with you…”  ~Ty Showers

Simplistic lyrics, yet they effortlessly encompass what true love is. Touching, but not just touching, feeling, but not just feeling, this track illustrates the fact that a man in love will be satisfied with merely being in the presence of his object of affection. Sex, of course, being a healthy form of expression between two loving adults, is not to be labeled taboo. Rather, it is to be celebrated. ‘Can I Be With You’ is a track that does just that.

Venus L

‘Suck My ____’ by Ty Showers

We all have those moments when we don’t give a F#*^, listen to ‘Suck My ____’ by Ty Showers and make that message loud and clear! Yet another jazz rock fusion, Showers manages to once again break the mold that he continually redefines with each composition.

The track begins with a vibe that is a bit mellow, or even ambient, but quickly veers off in a new, exciting direction. Upbeat and electric rock instrumentation immediately settles in  causing an entirely new feel to emerge; trippy carelessly, or even electronic apathy is the feeling brought on by the majority of this track. Showers wavers abruptly between the mellow and mind-bending melodies in such a way that is nothing, if not incautiously sleek.

Hard to predict, yet easy to follow, this track is perfect for those times when you may not know how to feel. Someone is angry at you, your boss expected more, your friends aren’t being supportive…forget them! Turn on this tune and let the world know you’re gonna be just fine.

Created by an adventurous and rebellious feeling Showers, this track is intended to encourage any and everyone to stay true to the song in their hearts. Your song may not be for everyone, in fact, you song may not appeal to anyone, does this mean you should stop singing? Never! Listen to ‘Suck My ____” by Ty Showers and learn what it sounds like to give something your all, while simultaneously being unaffected by if the world at large enjoys it, or not…

Venus L

Collabo- Chemistry: On Why Artist Chemistry Controls the Quality of Collaborations

Collabo- Chemistry: On Why Artist Chemistry Controls the Quality of Collaborations

In an age in which everyone is literally collaborating with everyone; Hip Hop meets Country, Pop meets R&B/Soul, etc…how many of the collaborations are actually of substantial quality? This is a question that can be argued by each artist’s respective fans from now until eternity. I’m not here to tell you that your favorite collaborations suck (though, let’s face it…many do), but I am here to guide you toward this conclusion.


What is chemistry? Well, in this case, I am speaking about the seemingly effortless ability to mesh/vibe with another artist and/or musician to create one, coherent piece of music. The skill level of the respective artists, actually come secondary to whether or not the artists can relate, respect, and understand one another. You may have heard stories of artists “bumping heads” and eventually coming up with an epic track. However, what is often left out of these stories is the fact that production is typically held off until the work environment is comfortable and conducive to creativity for all parties involved. Talking, drinking, and laughing together for hours on end, becomes necessary for building a positive work environment…instead of reckless recreation.

The Formula

The bottom line is that no matter how talented two artists are, a track will never have a cohesive, communal vibe, which emerges when said artists have true chemistry. The mixing of sounds and voices is a delicate process. The result of the process may signal tensions and inconsistencies easily detected by listeners…even if not articulated. The indescribable sense of togetherness that is sensed audibly is something that is often overlooked by record executives, much to the dismay of fans.

When They Get it Right…

For instance, the elusive Taliferro music artist, Kerboo is known for notoriously working alone, besides the occasional track with fellow Taliferro artist, Ty Showers. Although little is known about how their mystical sense of music is captured and created, suffice to say the chemistry exists.

When these two gurus hit the music booth, their collaboration is always seamless and epic!



by Venus L

‘Kenya Love’ by Ty Showers

Take a walk on the wild side with “Kenya Love” by Ty Showers. A funky, jazz fusion that toys with the usage of tempo throughout, this track is definitely nothing like other new age jazz fusions. Simultaneously fresh and novel, with a distinct throw-back/vintage feel, this tune gives off a contemporary, but timeless vibe.

Seasoned with an array of wild, jazzy improvisations, “Kenya Love” is an uninhibited glimpse into jazz-fusion music. The track is treacherous to the ears, yet tender to the touch. Whilst wavering between passionate, almost lustful, rapid segments, and slow, sensual, soothing lulls, Showers manages to tread the line of sheer awesomeness.

The perfect soundtrack for snuggling or wrecking a room, “Kenya Love” taps into our modern concept of love, and our primal urges. Highly dichotomous, this piece seems to argue with itself. Shifting between a more classical vibe and an urban or even indigenous feel, the tune encompasses the complexities of beautiful music.

An overall fierce work of art, “Kenya Love” contrasts a plethora of sounds and emotions. Listen and fall in love…or lust. Whichever you prefer.

Venus L

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