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Nu Jazz

That New-Nu: On the Evolution of Nu Jazz Music

In the unlikely event you are yet unfamiliar with the genre of music that has come to be known as, ‘Nu Jazz,” you have certainly come to the right place! Inadvertently created in the 1970’s by some Jazz veterans, including the likes of Miles Davis and Herbie Hancock, Nu Jazz is an example of what happens when artists dare to take risks being different.

The Hip-Hop Connection

What began as an attempt to infuse Jazz melodies with Electro and Hip-Hop rhythms quickly sprawled into a genre all its own. From the moment Nu Jazz hit the scene, Hip Hop artists pined for a piece of it. Beginning in the late 1980’s artists such as Nas, Tribe Called Quest, and the Roots each incorporated Nu Jazz into their music and the rest is truly history.

Downtempo Infusion

By the 1990’s to early 2000’s, downtempo made its way into the world of Nu Jazz, as well. Well known composers of the genre, St Germain and DJ Takemura, for example, seemed to dive head first into the genre and haven’t looked back since. This development gave way to a plethora of other artists and accompanying genres to make their way into the mix.

Present Day Nu Jazz

In the present day of music, almost anything goes. Elements of Jazz are found in many genres, including Rap, R&B, Dubstep, even some Rock music. The days in which Jazz music was thought to only be enjoyed by the “mature” crowd are officially behind us, and the genre is finding its way into the hearts of people from all walks of life.

Furthermore, artists such as Taliferro’s own Ty Showers and Rented Mule are currently taking their positions at the forefront of this movement as they are gifted with the ability to produce tracks that are effortlessly classic, and exciting and contemporary, simultaneously. Whether you think you’re a Jazz fan yet or not, do yourself a favor and Google Nu Jazz…but start with Taliferro music.


Venus L

May Flowers

May Flowers Brings Ty Showers: Some Awesomely Jazzed Up Music for Spring

After a long, cold winter, spring is finally in the air! The time for long walks, picnics, and parties have arrived…but what do you listen to?! Relax! Taliferro Music has got your back!

Listen to this…

Spring is a time a rebirth; a time to broaden your horizons and try new things…have you tried jazz fusion music?! You’ll likely love it! But, before you go purchasing those pricey jazz festival seats, allow me to introduce you to it.

Jazz Fusion Music Is…

Everything! It’s hip-hop, r&b, downtempo, dance, eclectic… Whatever you like, you can find a jazzed up version somewhere in the music realm. Jazz is all-encompassing and impromptu. Indeed, jazz music is exciting and lively…just like the spring time!

On Ty Showers…

One of Taliferro Music’s “most prolific artists” Ty Showers, makes laid back jazzy tunes that pack a surprising punch. By combining Jazz, R&B, Funk, and other Fusion influences, Ty Showers has created his own flood of extraordinary Jazz Fusion music! From his oldie but goodie project, “Hot Showers” to his most current EP, “You.” Ty Showers’ catalog certainly has something for everyone.

Rented Mule…

On the flipside…of the same coin, Rented Mule is known for their own brand of “Jazz that Funks.” A band packed with all around musicians who essentially play everything…yet, still choose to play Jazz, almost exclusively, Rented Mule is a great example of excellent Nu Jazz music. Whether it’s their classic album “X” or their smash hits on “Rented Mule Live,” you will surely find at least one song to play on repeat from these guys!

The Bass Line…

Music is a great way to enhance your enjoyment of virtually every experience. However, there’s no reason to stay in to do it. Grab some headphones…or break out the speakers! Finally, it’s spring and that’s definitely a reason to celebrate!

Let Taliferro Music provide your soundtrack

My Indie Valentine: Top 3 Taliferro Albums to Help You Woo Your Love

My Indie Valentine: Top 3 Taliferro Albums to Help You Woo Your Love

Unless you’ve entirely opted out of commercial holidays, you are undoubtedly well aware that the (sexy) mother of all holidays is right around the corner. So, what are your plans?? Dinner, movies…television? NO! How about dinner, movie, and music? If you’re seeking a way to light or rekindle a flame, the power of music is indeed your best option!

Stream This!!

Now that we’ve cleared that up, whom do you listen to?? Look no further! Without further ado, I present to you the top Taliferro projects that will help you set that lover’s mood.

3. TerzasferaSmall Hiding to Disappear“- An awesomely ambient collection of sensually mellow and melodic music, “Small Hiding to Disappear” is the perfect project to cuddle by the fire with even the freshest of love affairs. Romantic enough to set the mood, yet playful enough to enjoy with a new friend, this album is sure to get you some cuddle time with the one you love, lust, or simply…like.

2. Kerboo, “Only You” – A sensual, sexy, and catchy way to create a romantic mood for you and your “boo.” From highly sexy tracks such as, “Doing the Nasty,” to playful tracks such as “Southside Flair,” this album is sure to set the tone for every side of any multifaceted relationship.

1. Ty Showers, “You“- His latest project deviates from his established style. “You” by Ty Showers promises to seduce your sensual side. The pinnacle of great Valentine’s Day music, this album is designed for lovers everywhere; a slow, orgasmic build towards ecstasy. *Warning* – this music is highly potent! Please use with caution!

Overall, Valentine’s Day is what you make it. Think of music as the icing on an already lovely cake, but as per usual, I would really suggest you not play with your food. After all, it’s very rare that you’re allowed to have your cake and eat it too.


Venus L

Jingle Bell Rockin': Best Taliferro Music For the Holidays

Jingle Bell Rockin’: Best Taliferro Music For the Holidays

So, the holiday season is underway. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukah, or yes, even Festivus, you’re going to need some awesome tunes! If you’re anything like me, you get tired of the customary holiday music by at least …say, Thanksgiving. Relax, we have what you need! Treat your ears to these Taliferro classics!

5. “More than You Know” by BTS − An epic five track album that combines techno, house, and that Miami, Florida South Beach sound with traditional dance music in such a way that your party is sure to be rockin’ for its entirety! Warning: BTS stands for Beyond The Sound…so be prepared for a great journey!

4. “Conversations” by Calima Shatiday − Shatiday’s ninth album, “a groovy yet nu-jazz reflective of ambient downtempo sounds with an implicit lounge foundation”…is so good, it almost defies words! Either way, music this awesome is sure to give your holiday spirits a lift! The description is as apt as possible, however…but you’ll have to listen fully to comprehend!

3.”Thunder Showers” by Ty Showers − From the notorious Ty Showers, this is the perfect album to curl up to with your holiday honey! Awesomely sensual electronic jazz fusions sure to make your holiday evening end with sparks!

2. “Only You” by Kerboo − Another awesome album for a lover’s holiday, “Only You” by Kerboo is the perfect soundtrack for you and your holiday heart to groove to! If you’re trying to end the night right, cuddle up close, and let Kerboo talk to you). #WelcomeToKlubKerboo

1. “Small Hiding To Disappear” by Terzasfera − Ambient and downtempo yet totally delightful, “Small Hiding to Disappear” is a feel good album good for the entire family, or you and a significant other, and it can even cheer you up if you’re spending the holidays alone. Just turn it on and notice the strife disappear.

Overall, I realize the holiday season can be dreadful times for a plethora of reasons. No need to dwell, just change your tune! Happy Holidays from Taliferro Music!

Venus L

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