Why I Love My MacBook Pro

Why I Love My MacBook ProBack in February 2006 I had an HP laptop, and my wife had a vintage 2001 Dell Tower Computer. My wife’s computer became so slow, that we could actually cook breakfast make coffee before it booted up. It would take a very long time to start up any application, it was so annoying. My didn’t want me to reformat because she was scared of erasing files that she may need. Hence we made a decision to buy a new computer.

My daughter had a Mac laptop and was very pleased with it. We had heard only bad things about how Macs performed sparingly. So with much hesitation, we decided to buy my wife a MacBook laptop. My wife was concerned about learning a new operating system. But everything we read insisted Macs were easier to use.

Fast Forward 3 Months . . .My MacBook Pro Purchase

No problems reported so far. My wife learned how to navigate the new computer in about four days. One day, my wife says she keeps getting pop-up messages to upgrade the software. (She had been ignoring these messages.) She asked if I thought she needed to do the software update, I said absolutely. So she clicked software update, and a password dialog box popped up. She didn’t know here password. I asked her, how do you not know your password? Turns out, the only time she ever used a password is when she first installed the operating system and the OS asks to set a password.

Translated . . . she had never rebooted her computer since she owned it. Three months without booting. I constantly rebooted my HP, sometimes 5, 6 times a day. It’s was quite frustrating trying to create music with Sonar, and right in the middle of inspiration your computer freezes.

The next day I bought a 15″ MacBook Pro and Logic Studio. I have been engaged in the Apple eco-system ever since. No reboots during inspirational spurts and recording. That’s why I love my Mac!


P.S. Since the OS Leopard release (Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion) my MacBook Pro seems to be getting more unstable with each update. I pray Apple doesn’t go the way of Microsoft, but I fear with Steve Jobs‘ passing their future doesn’t look too bright.